Good Reasons to Apply for a Job

by | 10.02.23

Deciding to apply for a job isn’t always easy or straight forward. This is because even if you’re pretty sure what job roles you are looking for and in what location there are so many other factors that you might want to consider when applying for positions. This includes the job description, job requirements, company reputation or application process just to name a few. Sometimes when sorting through job portals it can feel overwhelming. Hopefully this guide will help you assess what’s worth your time applying for:

The job sounds interesting

Most of us spend a large chunk of our time at work so we want it to be as pleasant and fulfilling possible. It’s natural to gravitate towards a job that sounds interesting and gets you excited. If the job description paints a picture of a role that you think you would enjoy, take a chance and apply.

You feel you have the right experience

If you’ve been employed in a similar job in the past the chances are good that you would be able to succeed in this one. Even if you don’t have quite the ‘right’ experience providing you can offer the right skills then the job could be a good fit for you. Look at the skills the employer wants and see how closely your’s match up.

The job plays to your strengths

Doing what you are good at is rewarding. Take stock of your best assets and capabilities. If the position sounds like it would benefit from the attributes you offer, this includes both your soft and hard skills, throw your hat into the ring of candidates.

The company impresses you

It’s becoming more important than ever to feel in line with the Company you work for and where you get your paycheck. Think about the type of organisation you want to work for and search out jobs that match your preferences. Choosing to apply to the ones that closely align with what you want will help you be happier in your role if you end up landing the job. So for instance if you want to work for a large Company, only go after jobs with one.

You know someone who works at the Company

Nowdays referrals are the top recruiting tool delivering over 30% of new employees for Companies. Someone who knows both you and the inner workings of the Company is perhaps the best person to advise you on whether you would fit in. You can also ask your friend questions about the daily aspects of working there and find out about the management style.

The job is a step up for you

If your goal is to drive your career forward a job that would be one or more steps up from where you are now would be a smart move. A better title frequently comes with a higher salary and more benefits, so landing a job in a higher pay grade than you have now is one of the best reasons to apply.

The Company offer career development

You might be happy in your current job but there are no career prospects. Maybe the Company is small or they don’t promote from within. Whatever the reason, if you are in a dead-end job and see an opening that would offer you advancement opportunities it would benefit your career to send them your CV.

The job fits your lifestyle

Aside from the actual work you will be doing you need to think about how the job will affect your life. Remember to think really hard about the benefit package, sometimes if the benefits are good then they can be more valuable than money. If the job provides better healthcare, more holidays and other perks like on-site gyms, counselling, bring your dog to work days and childcare options weigh them up against what you are currently getting. If they stack up positively, send the Company your CV.

The application process is easy

Job application processes these days can vary drastically – some Companies only want to see your CV whilst others want your CV, a cover letter, an application form completed and also some examples of your work. Think hard about whether you think a job application process is reasonable in light of how junior/senior the job is. In my opinion its probably worth swerving employers who make candidates jump through unnecessary hurdles before even granting them an interview.

You know you want to work for the Company

Applying for jobs can be really time-consuming and stressful, so it’s important that you research the Company to make sure its worth your time and energy. Nowadays there is no excuse for Company’s not having a strong online presence. If a Company actively recruiting doesn’t have a decent website and social media presence then take that as a sign that they may or may not care very much about their current and potential business development so don’t waste your time.

So my advise to you is avoid job search depression and be more savvy in how you consider a new job. Make sure any position you apply for meets your needs and requirements, if it does get your CV in quickly.

Good Luck

Angela Burton