Good reasons for leaving your job

by | 21.10.21

Deciding to leave a job is a tough decision. Most of us spend roughly half of our waking hours each week at work. The time, energy and often heart to put into earning a living is enormous. There is a great personal satisfaction as an employee if you are happy, making a positive contribution in the workplace and feel your employer values you. Plus having a stable job is crucial especially in an uncertain economy. So how can you know when it’s time to leave? What are the signs that it is time for you to move on? While no job will ever be perfect sometimes you just know it makes sense to look for a new position. If you are not sure whether you are at this stage now here are some reasons why maybe you should move on and try something new:

Your employer is not doing well

If the Company you are working for has hit a bad patch, has lost clients or is making staff redundant it may be time to consider seeking a better position elsewhere. You would not be a rat jumping of a sinking ship, by doing this you may help your employer and save redundancy costs. You would also be protecting your future.

Your employer has been take over

If your employer has been acquired or merged with another organisation you should be worried. Two organisations merging into one usually means redundancies, no employer will want to employ two people for every position rather than one. This could be the time when you need to reaccess your role within the business and if you don’t feel safe seek a better position elsewhere.

Your employer is restructuring

When an employer restructures there will definitely be changes made to everyone’s role in the business. It could be that your new position is not right for you and you don’t enjoy it. Your new job description could be very different from the one you had before. If this happens to you and you find yourself not happy in a role seeking a new job would be a wise move.

You are not progressing

Sometimes leaving a job is the best or the only way to advance your career. If you can’t see any progression with your current employer then you may want to look elsewhere. You can use the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained in your current position to look for a new job which aligns with your personal and long term professional goals.

You want to change your career

It is time to follow your heart to chase the career you have always wanted. Changing your career can cost you money in the short term but can lead to greater job satisfaction over time. Going back to education and obtaining a degree or retraining into teaching, nursing or social work may be a route you will consider. Yes you will be giving up your income source but if it is what you want to do sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

You want a job offering professional development

A move to an employer who is bigger and better could be the way to obtain professional development support. Most large organisations have a training budget and a commitment to developing their employees. By moving to this type of company might offer you the opportunity to grow and develop in your career.

You want to work in a different environment

Let’s face it not every organisation is the right fit for every employee. The Company may be doing really well. You can be an excellent employee. Yet sometimes these things just don’t fit together. You are just happy and don’t feel comfortable in the environment. When this happens it might be the time to move on.

You need more money

We all need to earn a decent living. We all have outgoings and bills to pay. Using your skills, experience and education to land a position with a company who pays more can be a good move. Job satisfaction is not all about what you are paid but it does help when your salary more than covers your outgoings and there is something left over for the good things in life.

Your boss is a nightmare

Sometimes people just don’t gel with their boss. This isn’t common because a good Manager should be able to form good relationships with all staff members but sometimes it does happen. If you are in this situation and you recognise that working with your manager is not the best place for you to be then it is time to move on.

Your family circumstances change

If you have a family member who needs care or support working somewhere that offers flexible schedules could be helpful. It could be you need to be around more for your children so a part time role may suit you better now. Sometimes your life changes and because of this you may have to change your job.

Each of the reasons I’ve given are good reasons for moving on from your current role. Before changing jobs though be very clear as to why you want this change. Employers will want to know why you are leaving your current job and saying “I just fancy a change” is not good enough. Additionally don’t just run away from one job you are not happy in to another where you will be equally unhappy. You definitely need to know why are moving on before you even consider looking for a new job. When it’s clear you are focused and will be able to make the right choices which in the long term will really benefit your career.

Good Luck

Angela Burton