Give Me A Job!

by | 18.08.22

We know that searching for a job can be gruelling, you may even get to the point where you think “any job will do” you just need to work. Stop – don’t go down this road- you are not doing yourself any favours and here is why: –

Not Everyone Will Give You A Job

There is no point in applying for every job you see in the hope that someone will jump on your CV, we can promise you this won’t happen, you need to focus on your job search and concentrate on jobs you have the skills and experience for. It is better to send your CV to three suitable jobs rather than thirty unsuitable ones. It’s not a numbers game, it’s not about sending your details here, there and everywhere, it’s about making quality applications that way you really will get a job.


Employers don’t want a generalist – they want to recruit a specialist. Someone who has the fundamental skills to do their job which can be demonstrated in their work experience, so its important that you apply for the right jobs. It’s also important that you are sending the right CV. You need to focus on individual applications. Don’t think for on minute that one CV will suit every job because it won’t. For every application you make you need to study the job specification and ensure that your CV meets the clients criteria, this is the same with cover letter, one won’t hit all. You need to write an individual, focussed letter to accompany all applications you make.

Don’t Take A Step Backwards

If you have had a high powered managerial role and are struggling to obtain a similar position, don’t think an employer will take you on as a receptionist – they won’t – they will recognise you are only looking to fill a short term gap until you find the right role for you. Keep focussed on your ultimate goal even if it means  you are unemployed for a period of time. If you take a fill-in job you will find that your ‘real’ job search is put on hold because you won’t have time to look for the right job, never mind go on interviews.

Remember Your CV

If you are tempted to take a job with Amazon because you need an income you will seriously risk ruining your CV. A potential employer could simply dismiss your application on the basis that your experience is no longer current and they have better candidates for the role. Your CV is what opens doors for you so whatever you do don’t ruin it. Be patient, if you put 100% effort into finding the right job I promise you you will find it.

Be Honest

Why should an employer take you on when they know from the onset you are not right for their role and unlikely to stay with them long term. Employers are looking for people who are passionate about what they do, that way they will stay longer. So they will be aware you are not being totally honest with them when you say you really want their job. Also be honest with yourself, you don’t really want to take your career in the wrong direction, follow your heart and get a job you will stay in for a long time and improve your career.

Ask For Help If You Need It

Everyone who is unemployed is entitled to benefits and financial support. It’s not a kings ransom but it will keep the wolf from the door. There is no shame in claiming Job Seekers allowance and any other benefit you are due, this is why you pay tax, in order that this support is available for you if you need it. Having an income no matter how small will mean you don’t just have to take any job you can take your time until you find the right job.

Think Of Your Future

If you take an unsuitable role, providing you are lucky enough to be offered one, where do you go from there? If you have been working in an office and out of desperation take on a warehouse job it will be very difficult for you to move back into an office, environment. What will happen to you is that your future will be in this area. So don’t do it. Change your career by choice not out of desperation, make the future your choice not something you feel forced into.

Focus On Getting The Right Job Not The Wrong One

It is a full time job looking for a job so don’t waste your time looking for the wrong one. Your effort should be focussed on producing a wonderful CV, contacting the right Agencies, registering with suitable job sites and sending direct applications to Companies you would like to work for. Make it your mission to get interviews for jobs you want. Furthermore, when you get an interview make sure you perform well enough to be offered the job so work on your interview techniques.

Be Patient

Don’t expect to leave one job and walk straight into a new one. It may take a few weeks to get the right job so don’t just jump at the first thing you are offered. If you know it’s not right for you – don’t accept it. The job may be wrong for many reasons. It could not be paying what you need to earn. It could be an impossible journey. It may be in the wrong industry. It could be a step down in your career. You may not have liked the Company. If it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t so don’t go there.

Never Appear Desperate

When you are looking for a job you want the employer to want you for your skills and experience not to feel they have to employ you because you are desperate. Believe in yourself, no matter what you do, how much experience you have or what your educational achievements are you are truly valuable to the right employer. You don’t have to accept any job you are offered, you only need to say yes to the right one. If you appear desperate you will put some employers off. You have a lot to offer in the workplace but you need to have confidence in yourself and the right job will come your way.

Finally it really is important that you realise that you don’t want “any job”, you want the right job and it is out there for you. You will end up with a job you love if you look hard enough and in the right places.

Happy job hunting!

Angela Burton