Get your boss to cough up dosh for you to study

by | 30.09.19

When you are in a job often you feel that you could bring more to the role if you had more knowledge and training. However many workers don’t feel they can approach their employer and ask them to pay for study courses.

This may be because you feel your employer would simply not agree or it could be your employer has never done it for anyone else. But there is an old saying “if you don’t ask – you don’t get”. Be brave and approach your employer but make sure you present a good case for how they would benefit from their investment.

Think carefully about what training you need

Carry out research on what courses are available that would directly benefit you in your current role. When researching make sure there is a direct link between the training provided and your day to day responsibilities in the workplace.

Research training providers

Carry out research in the specific area you are looking to gain more knowledge in before approaching your employer. There are many, many training providers and you’ll find that there are a range of course and options available. Look to find a course that will fit nicely around your work/life balance.

A degree isn’t always the best option

Don’t think that getting a degree is your only option to obtain higher education and expand your skill set. Speak to your local College and private training providers and visit their websites to see what they have to offer – it is really likely that these options will provide courses more related to your field.

 Be flexible about study

Your employer is more likely to fund and encourage your training if they believe you can do it without affecting your current work performance. This may mean studying in your own time in the evenings or at weekends, but remember all training is going to benefit your future career.

Explain the benefits to your employer

Any training that will improve your performance at work should be easy to sell to your employer particularly if there is a gap in the Company for this sort of knowledge and it is something that you will be able to share with your colleagues and there by improve the whole workforce.

 Could you create savings for your employer

If your employer is currently outsourcing work i.e. their payroll how much could they save if your were trained to take over this responsibility? It is always worth looking at outsourced jobs to see if training in these areas would complement your skill set and save your employer money.

Remember your employer wants a happy and stable workforce

Most employers want to know their staff are happy and content, they also want stability and generally look for long term employees rather than employees who are using their role as a stepping stone to better things. Let your employer know what this training means to you and how it will make you feel more confident in your role.

 Present the training package well

When you present the question of funded training to your employer it is really important to have all the information on the course you want to attend. This should include the course content, the College or training providers website so your employer can look at the course. It is likely that you will be giving up a significant amount of your personal time to complete the course so make sure your employer knows what sacrifices you are willing to make to improve performance at work.

It is admirable for any employee to want to improve themselves and to be in a position to offer their employer more. Keep hold of that fact, present your case well and we feel sure you will stand a really good chance of getting what you want.

Good Luck