Flexible Working – good or bad?

by | 25.03.19

In most positions now you have the right to ask your employer about the possibility of working on a flexible basis.  This may mean less hours, flexible hours or working from home.  Equally it is something employers can offer you.  But as with anything there are always pros and cons.  This is how we see it:



1. You are likely to be happier, more productive and more loyal to your employer if the working conditions suit you.

2. If you are working on a flexible basis you are unlikely to take sick days, after all if you are at home working you can be in bed!

3. It generally means you are working for a progressive Company who listens to the needs of its staff

4. You can save on commuting time and travel costs which is a real benefit for you in these expensive times

5. Depending on your job if you are using modern technology remote working is very achievable – you can even go on holiday and still complete your work quota

6. You can save your employer money, ‘hot desking’ means your employer does not need lots of office space and therefore saves on rent



1. Whilst you can request flexible working conditions your employer does not have to provide this if it does not fit in with their business objectives.

2. Employers are often frightened to provide flexible working as it can be seen as discriminatory if they only agree in certain cases

3. You miss out on making friends and forming relationships with your colleagues, you also miss out on office banter and fun

5. You are constantly on call if you work from home, this may mean taking calls from clients outside normal working hours

6. If your employer approaches you about reducing your working hours or working from home it could be because they are experiencing difficulties

7. Your employer can’t judge your performance fully and this may result in your wages not truly reflecting the work you do and pay increases not being regular


There are as many reasons why flexible working is a good thing as it being not so good. Think about your long term career plans before you decide to go this route would be our advice.