Eating at work – good or bad?

by | 10.02.20

Don’t feel guilty about eating alone at your desk or sneaking out for a hangover busting fry up, eating during office hours can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Stuffing your face at work could bring joy to a really stressful day. Here are some of the pleasure:

Judging colleagues eating habits

Ok sneering at what others are having for lunch is not nice, nonetheless it is fun and it’s a good way of working through your antipathy towards a colleague by inwardly mocking their eating habits. Its not always necessarily what they eat it’s sometimes the way they eat it.

Boozing whilst you eat

Drinking at work can go wrong but it is really fun when it doesn’t go wrong when a) you do it and are not caught out or b) your colleague does it and the boss find out. That’s hilarious and will give you weeks and weeks of micky taking material.

Smug breakfasts

If you are really organised, you get up early and have poached egg on toast with avocado at home. But If you are not as organised as that here’s a tip. Get to work 20 minutes early, grab a flat white coffee and the nicest croissant you can see in Costa Coffee or Starbucks and scoff them at your desk.

Eating at your desk

Working through lunch if you’re really busy or have deadlines to meet is often a good option. Tucking into a Tupperware container or scoffing a Wenzels baguette is really no great sacrifice. Your desk provides ideal mealtime conditions: shelter from the elements and you can comfortably eat food from home.

Team picnics

During winter months most people are a bit antisocial, we become like squirrels and hibernate in our own space. When summer arrives get all your colleagues together and organise a picnic in a local park. The joy of doing this is that everyone will try to outdo everyone else in the food stakes and you’ll get to eat lovely grub.

Being on your own

After working in an office with lots of colleagues all morning it’s nice to go solo at lunchtime. A lovely sandwich at Côte with a nice cold coke is wonderful on your own with only your phone and social media mates. Silence is golden, not having to talk anyone for an hour is a pleasure.

Tea breaks

Its wonderful to have impromptu tea and coffee breaks. It is a boss approved down time (as long as you remember to make them a cup) it is also very sociable without taking too long. But watch your colleague’s manners, slurping, gulping and swallowing noisily are not sounds that are nice to listen to.


The crowning glory of office eating is the birthday cake. In most offices your colleagues, or maybe the boss, will present you with an edible present, hopefully it will be a resplendent Colin the Caterpillar cake from M&S. A good tip is when portioning the cake make sure the solid chocolate head is yours,


Most food found gliding around the office at Christmas is usually shockingly bad for you, for instance chocolates, sausage rolls, mince pies, biscuits and my favourite chocolate liquors. There is no better way to go through the Christmas work season that stuffing your face.

We hope that we have given you a new insight into just how enjoyable eating at work can be, it can give you a real insight into your colleagues that you wouldn’t normally get. Make your lunches fun and enjoy time away from your desk,

Hope you’ve learnt from this – happy eating