Do’s and Don’ts when you start a new job

by | 05.10.23

Are you about to start a new job? Let us advise you on  the best way to get started on a positive note. Even though it’s really exciting to be beginning a new phase of your career, it can also be stressful and a little scary to start a new job. Here’s some advice on how to make the best impression on your new boss and team mates:

Get the facts

It’s absolutely fine to ask questions before you start the job. Depending on the organization you can ask the HR team or the person who is going to be your boss any questions you have. Above all make sure you know the hours you will be working and any other information you need to successfully come on board.

Figure out what to wear

What you wore to the job interview may not be what you will wear to work. If you haven’t been given a dress code ask what appropriate attire is in the workplace. Have a few work outfits ready so you don’t have to scramble around to find something to wear.

Don’t presume you know anything

Being humble is worth a lot when you’re starting a new job. Nobody likes a know it all, especially someone who doesn’t really know anything about the job or the organisation. Take time to listen and learn before you start giving advice.

Be nice

Being nice goes a long way. People like nice people and if you’re nice to everyone you’re going to get ahead. Remember that some people at the bottom of the pay scale know more about the inner workings of the Company than those at the top. That’s why being nice to everyone you meet is important.

Arrive early

One easy way to help minimise the stress of starting a new position is to do a trial run before you start the job. Figure out your transportation and where you’re going. Make the trip a few days ahead of time to see how long it takes, giving yourself a cushion for traffic and other delays. Then give yourself a little extra time so you can arrive at work a few minutes early on your first day.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is no such thing as a stupid question when you’re starting a job. Your employer would prefer that you ask. That’s easier than having to fix a mistake. You won’t be expected to know everything and it’s better to ask for help than to stress.

Ask for feedback

Feedback is especially useful when you’re starting a job. Ask your boss how you’re doing, ask if he or she can give you any advice and ask for suggestions on what you can improve on.

Build relationships

Relationship building can be hard, especially if you’re the new kid on the block. It can be harder when you don’t have an outgoing personality and meeting new people is a challenge. Do your best to be friendly and warm, asking for advice is always a good way of breaking the ice.

Be flexible

Give yourself some extra time to work at the job when you first start. Leave room in your schedule to come in early or stay late if necessary. Spending extra time at work can help your learning curve and increase your comfort level with your new responsibilities.

Try not to stress too much

Think of your new job as the next exciting step in your career path. Don’t expect to learn everything at once. It’s all new to you and it will take time. If you feel yourself getting stressed, take a deep breath, collect yourself and remember that you aren’t expected to know everything immediately.

My parting words to you are – relax. To feel nervous before you start a new job is completely normal. Just remember if the employer didn’t whole heartedly believe you were the right person, they wouldn’t have offered you the job. Follow these tips and you can prove to them that their decision was correct.

Good luck in your new role

Angela Burton