Does Age Matter?

by | 20.02.19

These days 50 doesn’t seem old does it? In fact some say 60 is the new 40. But whilst 50 – 60 – year olds don’t see themselves as ‘old’ how do employers see them?


If you are a ‘older’ job seeker here are some of the positive attributes you should be selling during a job interview:



You have a wealth of knowledge and experience you can offer employers, make sure your CV reflects this and you provide evidence of this in your interview.



Quick at learning

Having adapted to several waves of business and technological changes over your lengthy career, you are adaptable and capable of learning new skills.



You have the desire or the need to keep working, the traditional retirement age is no longer a factor, stress how keen you are to extend your career.



You are probably more flexible than your  younger counter parts, you don’t have a problem with making the boss a cup of tea or tidying up the kitchen – younger candidates may.



You are not reactive, you assess situations calmly and rationally. You are great with customers and can handle service issues fully ensuring always that the customer is happy.



Having a mixed age group of workers is healthy. You as an older worker can support younger members of staff by passing on your experience and wisdom.

Team Player

You are a strong team player because you are less competitive, you make a good ally for younger staff members because you are at a different stage of your career.


Technically Au Fait

A recent study has found that over 55s hold their own when it comes to technology, also you are less likely than younger workers to find using technology in the workplace stressful.



You are settled, you are not climbing the career ladder, you won’t be off looking for a new job in the next 12 months. You can offer stability and commitment.



You are working because you want to, you enjoy being in the workplace, you have a great deal to offer an employer, this includes a desire to enjoy life.


Don’t worry about your age, it’s only a number, age does not matter in the workplace but your attitude to your age does – think positively – you have what employers are looking for – you just need to believe it!