CV to be or not to CV – That is the Question

by | 13.05.21

There can be no denying the fact that we live in an increasingly tough world nowadays. The rising rate of unemployment because of Covid means that more and more people are applying for the same types of jobs you are interested in. Nowadays it is truly imperative for you to take the matter of your CV as serious as possible. There are certain things that should not be on your CV in order for it to be picked up by an employer. The following points are things you should NEVER include on your CV.

Insane Ambitions

A crazy ambition is a real put off to an employer. By stating you want to be a Director within two years’ time is not a realistic ambition. By saying you expect to be the Prime Minister in the future just looks like you are a bit mad. Make your future objectives realistic or you will not be taken seriously, and your CV will end up in the bin.

Irrelevant work experience

Having really enjoyed fruit picking in the South of France during a period when you were travelling unless you are seeking a similar position now there is no reason to put this experience on your CV. It has nothing to do with the job you are applying for so its best to leave it out and focus on the jobs you have had that have direct experience with the type of role you are looking at the moment.

Achievements that are not exactly achievements

If you were Captain of the hockey team or football team when you were in high School you are going to be very proud of this fact. But you must appreciate that in the world of work it would not be considered an achievement or indeed relevant to the job you are applying for. Professional achievements i.e.: A Duke of Edinburgh award or community service experience or charity work are notable achievements worth mentioning.

 A description of yourself

A description of yourself i.e.: I am six foot tall, weigh 63 kilo’s and have blond hair is not relevant. Worse is to attach an image of yourself. Photographs are a definite no-go and should never ever be attached to your CV. It is not professional and could cause your application serious damage. As much as you may consider you self attractive, beautiful, and very professional looking you have to remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Strange Hobbies

If you have hobbies that could be considered strange by others, they might be better kept to yourself. Common hobbies like reading or writing and going to the gym are acceptable. What could be considered odd though would be breeding tarantulas or collecting bars of soap. You want to appear normal on a CV not weird. Its okay to have strong interests but probably they are best kept to yourself.

Too much private information

Your CV should not contain private information of any kind. Whether it is your religious belief or sexual orientation these are things that are irrelevant on a CV and are best kept to yourself. Additionally, you should not put your family details down. Do not mention children, husband/wife’s or even pets. None of this information is relevant. Other things to avoid is what football team you support, whether you are a meat eater or vegetarian, how old you are and any health issues you have. To put a lid on it keep private and personal information out of your CV. The only thing that could happen if you include it is that your CV is going to be rejected and end up in the rejection pile.

Bad Grammar and spelling

If your CV contains bad grammar or spelling mistakes this will show an employer that you are careless and lazy. These are the last things that you want a potential employer to feel about you. Some of the key points that an employer looks for is someone who produces accurate work and is prepared to work hard. If you are not confident that your grammar is good enough to write a CV, get someone to write it for you, or at the very least write it yourself and get someone to proofread it. As for spelling, there are simply no excuses for spelling mistakes, every computer has a spell check on it so make sure you use it. Sloppiness is not acceptable when looking for a job.

Inappropriate contact information

If you have an inappropriate email address, then simply don’t use it. Whilst may be funny to your mates it simply is not funny to a potential employer. Equally is not either. Create a new email address if necessary so you have an appropriate one to only use for official purposes. An inappropriate email will only bring you to attention of the employer but for all the wrong reasons and it definitely will not contribute to your path or career success.

A copy of your passport/visa or NI number

While in the world of information this is the biggest factor that can lead to endless scams, this type of documentation or information should never appear on your CV. It could be left out or disregarded by a Company carelessly and if the wrong person should get this information, you could be in quite a bit of trouble. Anyway, when you are applying for a job is not the time to provide proof of your right to work in the UK, only when you are offered a position should you supply this information and paperwork.

Exotic fonts and colourful text

No employer wants to have to try to decipher your CV and work to figure out what it says. Nor do they want to have a potential seizure due to the colourful text you have provided your information in. Straight talking is the name of the game in a CV, stick to the facts, do not try to be too clever. Your objective is to get an interview not impress the employer with your graphic design or flowery writing skills.

So there you have it. This is a general guide of information what should not put on your CV if you are truly pursuing a job. It is all for the most part common sense but as someone who looks at 100s of CVs on a daily basis I can assure you common sense is often not used by job seekers when putting together one of the most important documents of their lives.

Good Luck

Angela Burton