Choosing Between Two Jobs

by | 08.04.19

This is the kind of dilemma every job seeker would love to have. You’ve worked really hard to find the perfect job and have received not one, but two great job offers. What do you do now? Choosing between two jobs isn’t easy especially if you like both but here are some tips to help you before you accept an offer.


Have you got all the information you need

Before you start comparing jobs make sure you have all the information needed to paint a complete picture. You need to know more than just the salary. For example, you need detailed information on benefit packages provided and future prospects. It is really important you are armed with enough information to make an educated decision.


Make a comparison

It’s now time to make a list of what each job offers, good and bad. You need to evaluate everything, for each job write down what you know about the following factors and mark with a score or either 1 or 2, 1 given for the best , a 2 given for the worst.


You need to make a list for each job and mark appropriately. In theory the job with the lowest total should be the one you take but sometimes life it is not that easy. Areas to mark are as follows:

  • Salary
  • Holidays
  • Hours
  • Benefits
  • Journey
  • Parking
  • Prospects
  • Company
  • First Impression
  • Boss
  • Team
  • Responsibilities


Decide what really matters

Identify what is really important to you. Onsite childcare may not be relevant at all, but a season ticket loan could be very important. Look at what is on offer and see if it appeals to you.


Can you negotiate?

If your heart is set on one offer because you like that Company the most but it is not paying as much as the other offer, perhaps it is worth trying to negotiate – you never know.


Identify any red flags

Did anything happen in the interview that you were not happy with. How comfortable did you feel talking to the people who were interviewing you. Don’t overlook warning signs that could mean you wouldn’t be happy – believe me they will be there.


Turn down the loosing offer nicely

Once you have made your decision – but before you pop the champagne, politely turn down the other job offer. Thank the employer for their interest and keep the door open for the future if possible – you never know when you’ll be on the job hunt again.


Hope you make the right decision!