Best jobs for the future

by | 02.02.24

The world is evolving and becoming ever more digital, but what does that mean for your education and career? Here we have listed ten jobs which will thrive in the future. So whether you’re fresh out of education or looking to change career you really need to read this.

Software Developer

Coding is fast becoming one of the most sough-after skills and that makes software developers the most highly-ranked job of the future. The increasing importance of programming has caused some European countries to add coding to the primary school curriculum – here in the UK one school in Coventry has even hired a child coding prodigy to teach coding at school – she is just 10 years old!

Virtual Reality Jobs

If I had to choose an industry that’s going to be booming for the next few decades, virtual reality feels like a pretty good bet. The latest statistics show that the global market size is forecast to reach £233 million, from Marketing Departments to Video Game Developers virtual reality is going to be the cornerstone moment for the job market and the whole of society.

Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking is a job in the field of network security that many people do today, but this job is going to stick around for a long time. The only way that ethical hackers will be out of work is if the internet disappears and is replaced with something else. That doesn’t look like a reality in the near future, or ever, meaning that ethical hackers are not budging.

Big Data Analyst

The world of big data has flourished over the past few years and that’s not about to stop. According to reports the global big data analytics market is likely to grow by 30% by 2025. Data analysts are going to become the new leaders in the niche of business development. They are already taking over this area by their ability to analyse huge amounts of information for the benefits of their employers.

Content Creator

There’s been a huge and undeniable boom in content creators over the past few years. But what is a content creator? This is in relatively broad term that captures anyone who creates content for digital channels. The most famous kind of content creator is the social media influencer. With more content being consumed daily than ever before the demand for content creators is only set to grow in the future.

AI Jobs

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is much further along the process compared to virtual reality. With Elon Musk talking of putting chips in peoples’ heads to create superhumans, the possibilities of AI technology really does open your eyes. But AI is not just about creating a new generation of humans it can be about making functional robots and enhancing business processes. The developments in AI are almost limitless, which means these type of jobs aren’t going anywhere fast.

Data Protection Jobs

The laws around data handling and data privacy are growing by the decade. There is so much interest in our personal data because it can be used by marketing teams to help them sell and by political departments to help them create targeted campaigns. On too many occasions our data is falling into the wrong hands and being used illegally. This will create new jobs where detectives have to hunt down the use of data by certain Companies and enforce data law.

Mental Health Jobs

Many people in society are working hard to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems, opening the door for people to seek help and use professional mental health services. Just as people will always need doctors and nurses we will continue to need mental health specialists to help us get through tough times. What’s more skill gap studies have found that mental health appeared in job postings 230% more in 2021 than in 2016.

Data Broker

Just like brokers exist today by helping deals for commodities pass through seamlessly, the broker world will be rocked with a new type of broker – the data broker. These data brokers will be responsible for facilitating business agreements between data companies and those who want to buy chunks of data. They will make sure the buyer gets their data and that the selling Company receives their money. All the while, ensuring that the data is not shared further, maintain the integrity of the new data market.


Don’t forget that society is more entrepreneurial than ever before. Fuelled by the internet and technological advancement the everyday person now has a better opportunity to start their own business or a small empire. With further tech milestones being met like those listed above, opportunities to start your own business are only going to get bigger. So if you have an idea or a business dream it had never been a better time to give your idea a chance.

So if you want to grow in the future there is no question that technology is going to be the driving force behind many of the new jobs in coming years, there will always be room for artistic talent, individual expression and passionate creations in society but you may have to work hard to find your niche.

Good Luck

Angela Burton