Are you in the right job?

by | 15.07.19

We all have days when we are really unhappy at work, we also have days when the thought of getting up and making our way to the office is really depressing. What you need to ask yourself though is – am I in the right job. Here are some tips on how you can tell if you are in the right job or not.

Time at work goes quickly

If the hours  race by when you are at work and you are shocked when you look at the clock but you are getting the work done this is a sign that you are probably in the perfect job. Remember “time goes quickly when you are having fun”

You love your colleagues

If you really like the people you work with, you converse with them in the workplace but at the end of the day you are still a team you are definitely working somewhere special

You talk about your job a lot

This can be annoying for your friends and relatives outside of work but it is a really good sign if you are constantly talking about your job, it shows you are fully engaged in your role and keen to share what you have been up to with others

You don’t mind the boring parts of your job

Being busy at work is great, however sometimes it is nice to do a boring part of the role. It could be a mundane task like filing but you know once it is completed you can get back to doing what you love

You feel challenged

You are able to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You are working for a Company which doesn’t punish you if you make a mistake, they encourage you to do more and learn from anything that has gone wrong

You have enough ‘me’ time

Any job which affects your health, personal relationships or work life balance is not the right job to be in. You know the job is right for you if it allows you time for your friends, family and personal interests

You are an early bird

You are one of the first people into work, you are never late and when you get to work you are happy. You are pleased to see your colleagues and looking forward to the day ahead

Your boss pushes you

A good boss knows when to be supportive and when to push you to achieve more. You are probably working in the right job if you are being pushed this generally means your boss believes in you and feels you are capable of better things

Your Company is doing well

This is a really important factor, everyone wants to be in a winning team, there is no point in having your dream job if the Company you are working for are failing and likely to be out of business soon

You want your boss’s job

If you love your job but you would love your boss’s job more this is a good sign. It means you are well-suited to your role but feel you could do more if you ever had the opportunity

We hope that you are in the right job, but if you are not consider moving on, after all a large chunk of your life is spent in work and it is important that you are happy

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