Are you having a midlife career crisis?

by | 09.12.19

Very often when you reach your 40s, or even your 50’s, 60’s or older you may have a career crisis. This could be of your own making in that you have reached a time in your life when you want to do something for yourself or it could be that the choice has been forced on you by redundancy and you have to make decisions about your future. There is no reason why your career must end even at 65 so if you need or want to move forward don’t be afraid. Here are some reasons you may find yourself in this situation and how to deal with them.

You don’t have a choice

You’re not a kid, you’ve been made redundant, so you need to find another job. So, what, you’re in the same situation as 1000s of other people so motivate yourself, get registered with Agencies, start browsing job sites on the internet and talk to friends and family they may know of jobs available. Whatever you do be proactive – don’t give up before you start.

Your industry is disappearing

The industry or job you have been doing for donkey years has disappeared and you are going to be replaced by a robot. Well it’s not the end of the world, it’s an opportunity for you to change career. Talk to a Career Advisor at the Job Centre and see what free training courses are available for you and what sort of job you could expect to obtain at the end of this training.

Your employer is closing the business

This is very sad especially if you have been with the Company for many years but it’s not the end of the world. You should look at this as an opportunity to revaluate your career and decide what you really want to do. This may be retraining in order to move into a new sector or it could be working for another organisation. Whatever you decide to do, do it with passion, you will quickly find yourself moving your career forward.

You hate what you do

Most of us don’t choose a career we fall into one. You leave School, College or University take the first job that comes along and before you know it you have been doing the role for 20 years, but you hate what you do and dream of something different. Then make it happen, decide what you really want to do and then go for it, the only thing that is stopping you live your dream is you.

You are burned out

You have been there, done that and now want to downsize your career in order to have more of a work/life balance, well after working for 20+ years full time you are entitled to perhaps reduce your working hours in order to enjoy your life more. If that is not possible in your current role then it is time to move on and obtain a new challenging part time role.

You’ve had a career break

You have been out of the job market for a while, perhaps you have been a stay at home parent or caring for a sick loved one but are now in a position to return to the workplace. How exciting, don’t be daunted by the fact you haven’t worked for a few years, look on it as a challenge. First of all decide what you want to do, it could be you want to return to your old career, if so brush up your skills with online or college courses. It could be you want to use this opportunity to change your career, in that case speak to a Career Advisor at the Job Centre about re-training in a different sector. You can start again easily if you want to – it’s down to you.

You’re sick of making money

You have focused the whole of your career on making money in order to support your family, your kids have now flown the nest, or you have paid off your mortgage and money is now not the most important factor. Now you think it is important to make a contribution to society instead or to do something you enjoy. Well what’s stopping you? Yes, it may mean retaining especially if you want to get into social work, nursing, caring or teaching but you have the time and money is no longer your main reason for working, go for it before it’s too late.

You are just ready for a change

You are bored and just plain ready for a change. You want something new and different. Maybe fewer hours a week, maybe less money. Or more hours a week and more money. Whatever you want you can get if you are in the right mindset. Yes, you will have to put in a bit of work. Get on the recruitment bandwagon, study job portals, register with Agencies etc. but if you want to change your life and not be bored during the working day it will be worth the effort.

There is something you’ve always wanted to do

With middle age comes questions, you look at yourself and start analysing your position including am I happy doing what I’m doing? If you are not happy and have always dreamed of doing something else, then it’s now or never. Don’t settle for being unfulfilled, live your dream if you can but remember you have to make it happen, your dream job is not going to fall into your lap, go out and get it.

You’ve decided to change your life

Many people hit middle age and feel they have somehow been left behind. You have got stuck in a rut. Everyone else seems to be living the dream but you are just chugging along doing the same old thing. Well the time is right for you to change your life if you want to – it’s your choice. It will take effort and it will probably mean working for it, but only you can do it. Other people do so why not you – make it happen.

Reaching 40,50,60 or even 70 doesn’t mean your life is over, for many people it is the start of a new chapter in their life, so if you are still hungry for a challenge, or if you have recently been made redundant or possibly you want to fulfil a dream why not go for it – remember it’s never too late.

Happy Job Search.