Are Employment Agencies a Waste of Time?

by | 12.01.23

Finding a new job is hard! It requires a lot of time and effort. To some extent it is a full time job in itself, so where can you get help? The natural choice is an Employment Agency, but are they any good? Well the honest truth is they are the same as any other profit making concern, there are the good, the bad and the downright ugly. So is it worth using an Agency to help you or is it frankly a waste of time? Well like everything else it depends which one you choose, by using our Agency here are some of the advantages you will have:

You won’t be alone

By using our services it means you are not totally alone in your job search, we are here to help you and can certainly take some of the stress off the task. We can also advise you, guide you and help you with not only sourcing jobs but also by providing interview tips and support.

Agencies are quick and efficient

Job hunting is time-consuming, searching for suitable job opportunities, submitting your CV and chasing employers to get interviews can take hours. By using BBR we will do this for you. We take all the stress away from you and save you all the effort.

We won’t charge you a penny

If you use our services we won’t charge you. I mean this is a real bargain. What in life can you get for free? Nothing of any value and certainly nothing that is as important as a job, our job is to find you a job, we are the middleman between you and employers.

Getting you a job is our job

As an Agency we work on behalf of employers all day every day. We are retained by employers to source candidates for their jobs. It is our job not only to find employers the right candidates for their positions but also to find you the right job.

We have jobs you won’t see elsewhere

Many employers choose not to advertise vacancies, this is because they don’t want to be inundated with unsuitable CV’s. An Agencies job is to provide employers with a short list of suitable candidates for their role. Equally if we submit you for a position you can be sure we firmly believe you are suitable for the role and have a good chance of getting it.

Employers trust us

For an employer to use our services they have to trust us, so if we are submitting you for their position the employer is going to seriously consider you. Your CV will be looked at in detail and you will have a really good chance of getting an interview. Hopefully you as a candidate will also trust us to select suitable jobs on your behalf.

We can provide ‘insider tips’

Because we know the employers we are dealing with we can provide you with insider information. This can mean anything from sharing an employers culture to advising you on what to wear to the interview, this insider knowledge is worth its weight in gold and can take away a lot of stress from you when you job hunt.

We are experts

As an Agency we know everything there is to know about the job market. We will be able to provide you with advice on what local employers want, average salaries and normal working patterns. At BBR we will also provide you with interview advice and guidance and we will prepare or tidy up your CV thereby helping you get the perfect job.

You will get honest feedback

It is not common for candidates to get interview feedback from employers and this is probably one of the most frustrating parts of job hunting. Here at BBR we will provide as much feedback on any interview you go to that we can. We won’t hold back we will provide constructive criticism if necessary to help you understand why you haven’t been successful. This will help you strengthen your interview skills in time for your next attempt.

Make friends with the Agency you use

Forming a good relationship with the Agency you use is very important, we are on your side and we want you to get your dream job. It is in our interest to place you into a position if possible so treat us decently, remember we are human too.

So there you are, I could go on and on about the advantages of using an Agency but I don’t want to be boring. Frankly any job seeker who is not using one is a bit of a fool, after all why wouldn’t you?

Happy job seeking!

Angela Burton