Work is good for you – honestly!

by | 02.03.20

If you dread Mondays and would rather be hiding in bed, you might be surprised to learn that working could actually be good for your health. New research shows that people who work past retirement age are healthier than those who give up their job. Here are some reasons why:

Working gives you a natural ‘high’

Ever done a good day’s work and felt almost exhilarated? It’s hard to believe but working under pressure – or to tight deadlines can actually give you a natural high. All of us need to be mentally stimulated on a daily basis and work gives you this.

Stress is good for you

When we find ourselves in a stressful situation our brain releases certain chemicals that ‘prepare’ our bodies to cope with that situation. First the hormone adrenalin rushes into our body releasing a surge of energy. Once this happens other feel-good chemicals flood our body to assess how well we’ve done our tasks. This is our body’s way of rewarding itself and it makes you feel good.

Work wards off addictions

If you are not getting an adrenaline buzz at work it is easy to look elsewhere for this kind of stimulus. Some people may turn to artificial stimulants such as alcohol, chocolate or smoking – all of which have the ability to mimic adrenaline.

Decision making is good for us

It may sound strange but research shows that having to work under pressure and make decisions could make you live longer. Having a satisfying job with a degree of responsibility is good for both physical and mental health. Job satisfaction is very good for your overall health.

Work makes you live longer

After allowing for other factors that could lead to premature death such as poverty, poor health and other sources of stress, those who work longer – live longer. Using your physical and mental capacity substantially increases your chance of living longer and retaining your capacity for life.

Work boosts confidence

Having a job or status in life can do much for your self esteem and sense of worth which explains why people get depressed when they lose their job or retire. We are designed to have a purpose in life so that we can fit neatly into society. This makes us feel secure and confident, raising our self-worth.

Work helps you keep active

If you have to get up in the morning to go to work you have a purpose – it’s better than laying in bed or sitting in front of the TV. Having to get up, get the bus, train or drive to and from work and put in a full day of using your brain will do you the world of good and really keep you young.

Work means you will never be lonely

Whilst your work colleagues may never be your best friends they are company, at least you are meeting and talking to people all day – five days a week. Many people who are not working or have retired don’t talk to anyone from one week to another. Loneliness is really sad and extremely aging.

Work keeps you up to date

If you have just a year out of the workplace you would be surprised at how quickly technology has moved on. By working you will keep up to date with the latest technology and let’s be honest everything in life now revolves around technology, ie: shopping, banking, keeping in touch with friends etc.

Work keeps you forever young

Who wants to get old, wouldn’t it be nice to be forever young, well work can do this? You will be more active, have lots of energy, be more confident, be happier, live longer, never be lonely and not become addicted to drink, food or the TV. You will also feel and look a lot younger than your contemporaries who took early retirement.

Well there you have it, work is really good for you, if you don’t need to give up work or retire then there is nothing forcing you to. Even if your employer has a mandatory retirement age then there is always voluntary work – most Charities are desperate for volunteers to work in many different capacities. Or why not change your career, just because you are in your 60s that is not an excuse. Another idea is to start your own business – its never too late and you are definitely never too old.

Good luck!