Think you are passed it? – well here’s why you’re not!

by | 14.12.23

It’s easy when you hit your 50’s to think that you are passed it but believe me you are not. I’m in my 70’s and still working and there is a definite market for older more experienced workers. I could list 100’s of reasons why you are a valuable commodity but I’ve only got space for ten and here they are:


As an older worker you have a wealth of experience to bring to any job. Quite often being older you have a diverse skill set that you can bring to the table. As an older worker you will require less training than younger workers, saving time and money for the employer. You should be proud of the experience you have gained as this knowledge can be an asset for any Company.


This is something you have that younger workers definitely don’t. There is no way a younger worker can have the wealth of life experience that you have got. Your maturity has many benefits such as knowledge and poise which makes you valuable. Being older mean you are good in a crisis and are less likely to get rattled meaning you can make rational decisions.

Work Ethic

Believe me as an older worker the chance is that you have a better work ethic than a younger person. Employers want people with a strong work ethic because this is closely linked to increased productivity and therefore is a valuable trait in the workplace.

Communication skills

Because you are older and have lots of experience you know how to navigate workplace politics, you’ve had years to refine your communication skills and can liaise well at all levels. Again good communication can lead to increased productivity. Your age generally means you are more confident when speaking to people than your younger counterparts and this is a real asset.

Less time off work

Some employers who we avoid at all costs believe older workers are to be avoided because they are off sick all the time. This really is not true and there is statistical data which proves that if you are over 50 you are far less likely to take time off for illness. Because of your age you are more responsible and prioritise your job and any sensible employer really appreciates this.

Leadership skills

As an older worker you probably have more leadership skills than a younger worker. You’re probably very comfortable in your own skin and therefore find it easier to take up a leadership role when you are in a group. Older workers are generally more suited to management positions mainly due to the experience and leadership skills you have been able to accumulate.


Productivity does not decrease with age in fact it improves. You are far more stable on a day to day basis compared to younger workers, you are also motivated and experienced and this leads to more consistent work. Consistent production is a valuable benefit to any employer in any industry.


As an older person you are likely to have a strong network of industry contacts that you can put to use. You are likely to have retained contacts from your previous jobs and can bring these to your new position. This is the kind of advantage you have over a young worker, often they lack real world experience.

Old dogs can learn new tricks

It is a common myth that older people can’t learn new skills, this is a mistake. People like us have had to learn technology skills from scratch, we have not had the advantage of being taught them at school. We are good at learning new skills because we have had to throughout our career in order to keep up. So be proud of your achievements.

Emotional intelligence

Us older workers have an abundance of patience and emotional intelligence. We are a great addition to any office and can really affect the mood of the workplace. In this way we can improve the work environment which results in increased productivity and efficiency.

So don’t ever think you are passed it, you have so much to offer in the workplace and are a valuable commodity that successful and progressive employers really appreciate. Be confident, never underestimate your work and hold your head up high.

Good Luck

Angela Burton