The Most Employable Degrees

by | 15.03.24

With fierce competition in the job market worldwide, it is difficult to find a job. Education plays a vital role in getting you the right job. Therefore selecting a career profile is essential before signing up for a degree. We have created a list of the 10 most employable degrees worldwide for you. Take a look at the list and see if something interests you.


A degree in medicine is considered to be one of the most employable degrees of all time and no matter how fierce the competition is stats show that usually individuals with a medicine degree land a job within six months of graduating.

Computer Science

The fact that Computer Science is one of the most employable degrees doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Technology is constantly reshaping all of our lives and it is only increasing with time. Every sector of our economy gets affected by computer science one way or another so it’s an excellent degree to have.


Engineering is a promising career option, it is a really broad field and includes areas such as mechanical, electrical, civil, software and many more. The field offers lucrative job opportunities to deserving candidates and the demand is good.


Architecture Teaches students different aspects of art, maths and science and can prepare you for various careers. 90% of architecture graduates have a job within six months of graduation and many tend to be self-employed. A degree an architecture from a good University can land you a job pretty easily.


The jobs for teachers can never be low on demand. In fact worldwide there is a high demand and a shortage of teachers. No matter what happens  people are going to study. So if you think that you’d love teaching students then you can enter this field without any worries about job security.

Business Administration

Business graduates have tons of opportunities to explore. Every business needs a skilled person to manage things smoothly. Business administration is a really broad term and covers many fields such as finance, human resources, marketing and advertising. It has to be said that business graduates find employment far sooner than students with other degrees.


Psychology degrees provide students with a variety of career paths, there are lots of specialists in the field of psychology such as health psychology, clinical psychology, sports psychology, forensic psychology and many more. There are also a lot of research opportunities available. The demand for Psychologists is expected to grow enormously in the future making this one of the most employable degrees worldwide.


A law degree also provides a lot of opportunities to students. There is the option of working in a Court, a legal office or a corporate firm. There is always a shortage of legal staff. So if you think you like dealing with different people and have negotiation tactics then this can be your way to go as the employment rate for law degrees is exceptionally good.


This one is a no brainer. With a degree in Accountancy the world is your oyster. There are so many options available to you and there is always a demand for accountancy staff. Whether you want to go into Practice and become a qualified Accountant or work for a commercial organisation you are going to have an enormous amount of jobs to choose from.


It doesn’t matter what language you choose to do, it could be French, Spanish, German or even Russian there will be a job for you. You could go into teaching, you could work abroad or you could go into translating. The world is your oyster, a second language is a real gift which is worth its weight in gold.

All degrees will get you a job, but some degrees are more sought after than others so think carefully when you are making your choice.

Good Luck

Angela Burton