Six Top Tips for Second Interviews

by | 22.01.19

Congratulations, you’ve got a second interview – that means you’re pretty close to getting the job right? Well don’t let this stop you from properly preparing yourself! At this stage its clear the Company like you, but you’ll have to work even harder now to seal the deal and convince them you’re the best person for the job – below you’ll find several tips that will help you do just that!

Prepare to meet someone new:

Your first interview probably would have been conducted by a polished member of the Companies HR team but don’t expect to see them again. Second stage interviews normally take place with more senior members of staff – so be prepared to be interviewed by one of the ‘big shots’. Their aim will be to identify what exactly separates you from the other candidates –so make sure you turn on the charm!

Integrity and trustworthiness are qualities that are essential in the workplace…

Sell yourself

Think of your first interview as a warm up, you’ve made some good points and now is your chance to expand on them further. Re-read the job description again to pin point exactly what they are looking for – you should then give examples of how you possess these skills and attributes.

Don’t be too cocky

Don’t get me wrong it’s good to be confident, but don’t walk in there like you own the place. Yes the chances of you getting the job at this stage are very high, but they may still choose to go with one of the other candidates.

Do you fit in?

One of the biggest things your interviewer will now be judging you on is how well your personality fits in with those who are already work for the Company – take note of what everyone you meet is like and bounce off their energy – working with someone means spending five whole days a week with them – they won’t want to do that if they just don’t like you!

Prepare new questions to ask

This is your opportunity to delve a bit deeper – the stakes at this stage are a lot higher and so your questions should reflect this. If you have any reservations now it the time to get them off your chest – if your not sure about something – ask. The last thing you want to do is accept a role you’re unsure about then end up quitting a couple weeks later!

Say thank you

You’ll need to leave a good taste in your interviewers mouth so make sure the interview finishes up on a high! Put on your biggest smile, thank them once again for seeing you and tell them you can’t wait to hear from them.

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