I’m desperate please get me a job

by | 01.12.22

We know that searching for a job can be a nightmare, you may even get to the point where you think “any job will do” you just need to work.

Stop – don’t go down this road – you are not doing yourself any favours and here is why: –

Applying for any any job advertised will bash your confidence

There is no point in applying for every job you see in the hope that someone will jump on your CV, we can promise you this won’t happen, you need to focus on your job search and concentrate on jobs you have the skills and experience for.

Applying for jobs you are suitable for will get you interviews

Employers don’t want a generalist – they want to recruit a specialist. Someone who has the fundamental skills to do their job which can be demonstrated in their work experience, so it’s important that you apply for the right jobs.

Applying for a ‘fill in’ job won’t work

If you have had a high powered managerial role and are struggling to obtain a similar position, don’t think an employer will take you on as a receptionist – they won’t – they will recognise you are only looking to fill a short term gap until you find the right role for you.

Applying for a job you have done a course for is no good

So you have worked in a warehouse all your career but have recently completed a course in marketing and are now applying for marketing roles, seem reasonable? Well it’s not, unless a job say trainee in the job description the employer is looking for someone with practical experience not someone who has simply done a course.

Applying for part time positions is not the answer

Thinking that is will be easy to get a part time position in order to get some income rather than none it not going to work.  Part time roles are permanent positions as well and the employer is looking for someone long term, not just someone using their job as a fill in.

Applying for jobs using a spray gun approach is ridiculous

Why should an employer take you on when they know from the onset you are not right for their role and unlikely to stay with them long term. Employers are looking for people who are passionate about what they do, that way they will stay longer.

Applying for 100 jobs a day will make you depressed

Thinking that the more applications you make the more job opportunities you will have is not going to work.  Only applications you have made for jobs you have the skills and experience for will result in job interviews so be real.  Make sure you are not applying willy nilly, stay focussed on what you can do and what you are qualified to do.

Applying for jobs miles away is a waste of time

You live in Harrow and are applying for a job in Croydon! Why are you doing this? It’s a waste of time you are not, going to be able to sustain a journey of 40+ miles a day through huge amounts of traffic. Be real in your job search don’t try to take on something that is not, sustainable, it’s not fair on either you or the employer.

Applying for unsuitable jobs could ruin your future

If you take an unsuitable role, providing you are lucky enough to be offered one, where do you go from there? If you have been working in an office and out of desperation take on a warehouse job it will be very difficult for you to move back into an office environment.

Applying for and getting an unsuitable job could ruin your CV

Your CV is really, really important it is better to have a short break in employment on your CV rather than a job which has nothing to do with your experience or future career aspirations. So don’t go there.

It really is important that you realize that you don’t want “any job”, you want the right job and it is out there for you. You will end up with a job you love if you look hard enough and in the right places.

Happy job hunting!