How to get promoted

by | 20.05.22

If you have been in a job for some time, it is easy to assume that you will automatically be promoted but this is definitely not the case, you need to show your boss you are ready to take on a new role. When employers are looking to promote, they look for is a number of qualities but the main thing they look for is your ability to be able to take on more responsibility and there are several ways of demonstrating this. Progressing in the workplace is important to most of us so here are some tips on how you can achieve this.

Make your boss redundant

The best way to get promoted is to make your boss’ job easier. Ensure your boss trusts your work, that way they can concentrate on new areas and you can take over a lot of their tasks. Always appear keen and motivated, volunteer for extra work, offer to take over routine tasks that your boss has to complete. Above all show willing, this demonstrates commitment and employers will only ever promote people who they consider to be long term prospects.

Own projects

Employers place a premium on individuals who follow through on tasks. Prove you can consistently manage projects from start to finish and you’ll make yourself indispensable. This includes boring and routine tasks as well as exciting new projects. Don’t just shine when you are doing something interesting, demonstrate tenacity by owning jobs that perhaps other staff members have turned their nose up at. When promoting all employers look for someone who leads by example. Those that shirk tasks they don’t fancy do not get anywhere.

Have a positive attitude

People who typically get promoted can keep their cool under stress. They meet deadlines and ask relevant intelligent questions, when issues arise, they solve them and learn from their mistakes. They are also positive people whose glass is always half full, it they fail at something they will try, try and try again. Positivity is crucial in any leader, staff want to succeed and any Manager showing negative tendencies usually fails, they also have extremely high staff turnovers. When you feel down put a smile on your face and be a winner.

Help your colleagues

When assessing workers employers look for people who complete assignments and ask what they can do next, they also help colleagues instead of stepping on them in their quest to climb up the career ladder. By helping your work mates, you are demonstrating management skills. You are also showing a responsible attitude rather than just doing your bit and no more. Supporting colleagues means the department you are working in perhaps achieves deadlines or objectives and believe me this will be noted by the powers that be and could well lead to promotion.

Tell your boss you want promotion

Expressing your desire for promotion is very helpful, sometimes your boss may not know you want it, or have not thought of you as a candidate. Do not be shy- show your ambition. Apart from vocalising your desire to get on you also need to demonstrate it. This means being in work early and sometimes working late and maybe having the odd short lunch hour when there is a lot to do. In addition to this showing you are willing to take on extra tasks or help colleagues is also important.

Show pride in your work

Competence, diligence, intelligence, and loyalty – all these attributes matter, but what matters most is your desire to do the best work possible – it is a reflection of your values. You will never be promoted unless you demonstrate these qualities. In order to step into a management position, you need to be a wonderful example to others, someone who colleagues look up to. Shabby work is not acceptable in someone who aspires to eventually be in a management position so make sure you are always doing your best.

Avoid office gossip

Integrity and trustworthiness are qualities that are essential in the workplace, individuals who are able to rise above the temptation to gossip and get involved in office politics stand out. So there should be no gossiping around the coffee machine. The worst thing you can do if you want to progress in the workplace is bad mouth your boss or the management team. If you want to join these ranks eventually its important that you show them respect even if secretly you think you could do their job better. Another little bit of advice is don’t gossip about yourself either particularly about relationship issues.

Display commitment

When people are really committed you can tell by the quality of their work and the effort, they put in. When someone is committed boss’ notice and try to reward them with deserved promotions. Going the extra mile demonstrates commitment. Staying late to finish a project, working over the weekend to research information needed for a Monday meeting or helping after work to rearrange the office, all these actions show commitment to your employer, and you will shine above the rest and really stand out from the crowd.

Be exceptional

To be promoted it is important that your colleagues see the justification, if your standard of work is equal to your workmates how can you be their boss? It has to be exceptional. So you need to produce first class work all of the time, not just some of the time. You need to stand out from the crowd. Your timekeeping needs to be impeccable you need to look the part, you need to take responsibility and you need to produce work to the best of your ability. In other word’s you need to be a star pupil.

Be of value

If someone is of value they’ll be promoted. Someone of value is the ultimate currency, this means looking at ways to improve systems, save money or increase revenue. Look at your job carefully and see if you can think of ways to either increase your employer’s revenue or cut their costs. If you are working in a customer focused environment rack your brains on how you could offer more value to your clients or maybe you are doing an admin role, how could you save your employer money, could stationary costs etc. be reduced? Anyone coming up with an idea which would produce more profit for their employer will without doubt be on the promotion list.

So if you follow these fundamental rules the world could be your oyster, however if ultimately promotion isn’t an option with your existing employer maybe you need to move on, if so why not send us your CV we would be delighted to help you.

Good luck.


Angela Burton