How to avoid office politics

by | 09.02.24

Navigating your way through office gossip and drama can be difficult as sometimes lines can often be blurred and you can find yourself in sticky situations. Here are my top ten tips to avoid drama in the office whilst remaining professional.

Avoid Office Gossip

This one can be easier said than done and sometimes it can take real restraint to not share your opinion on certain issues. Try not to put yourself in a situation where you will be open to gossip, avoid the known office gossip and whatever you do don’t make comments on what gossip you can’t avoid.

Set Boundaries

This is crucial, especially when you start a new role. Whilst it’s important to form strong working relationships with your colleagues and enjoy time with them in the pub after hours, it’s also important to remember there is a line between colleagues and friends that you should be wary to cross.

Remember your Responsibilities

It’s important that you remember THE responsibilities you have in your role and don’t get sucked into any gossip that could jeopardise your most important workplace relationship which should be with your boss. Don’t lose your boss’s confidence by getting involved in a juvenile office drama.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Confrontation

If you come across someone in the workplace who is saying really awful things about a colleague or spreading fibs about a Manager don’t be afraid to tell them that you don’t approve of their behaviour. They may not realise that their actions are harmful and someone needs to tell them.

Ear Mark The Instigators

It can be apparent in some offices that when an office drama takes place it often revolves around the same employee time and time again. It’s worth making a note of this and reporting it if you believe that someone is constantly causing trouble and upsetting the office dynamics.

Always Remain Professional

If you find yourself in the middle of a conflict in the workplace it’s imperative that you always remain professional. Think before you speak and don’t allow your irritation or anger to cause you to speak out of turn. If you must question if something is appropriate to say, then it probably isn’t.

Take Ownership

If you have made a mistake in the workplace, even if it’s something trivial then take ownership, admit your misdemeanours and move on. Your honesty will be admired and you can take the opportunity to learn from what you did wrong and try not to make the same mistake twice.

Treat Everyone Equally

This one should go without saying, you need to treat everyone the same, from the Managing Director through to the Cleaner. You never know who you might need a favour from. Therefore it’s also important to treat everyone, no matter the seniority of their role with the same respect and appreciation.

Remain Positive

Whilst you may agree with disgruntled opinions on Company decisions that have been made, keep your head above the parapet and avoid getting involved in bad mouthing the boss and try to put a positive spin on things. If you can boost the morale of the team quickly following difficult news it will help you to avoid any conflict or drama in the future.

Remain Discreet

If you have access to confidential information whether that be regarding the Companies finances or new policies. One of the best skills you can have is discretion, with this skill you will never be drawn into gossip and will definitely avoid office politics.

Indulging in office politics is not a route you want to follow if you want to get on. No good comes out of gossiping about others and after all it is a form of bullying. Keep away from it and I promise you will have a happier working life.

Enjoy your Job

Angela Burton