Are you good enough for the job?

by | 10.06.19

So you have applied for a job even though your experience doesn’t meet the requirements for the role but your excellent cover letter has landed you an interview.

Immediately you are over the moon – how wonderful that someone recognises your potential and knows how wonderful you are! Then reality sets in – you have an interview – but you don’t have the experience required for the job – are you good enough?

Thankfully there are a few ways you can get over this, here are some tips …

Think – why are they interviewing me

There must be something either in your cover letter or on your CV which has told the employer not to rule you out – what you need to do is demonstrate in the interview you can do the job

How can you prove you are suitable?

The most important thing to do is know what the role entails. This means researching the position, making a list of common duties in the role and see how your experience covers these, make sure you stress this experience in the interview

Find an inside source

If you don’t know anyone who works for the Company search LinkedIn for second-degree connections or friends and enquire about an introduction to them in order to get an insight into the position you are going for

Narrow the gaps in your knowledge

Prepare in advance to reduce the knowledge you lack. Is there industry jargon you don’t understand? Find out what it means. Know what your employer does – adapt your experience to suit their industry. Research areas of the role you are unfamiliar with so that you at least know in theory what these duties entail

Flog your transferable skills

Transferable skills are a critical discussion point in an interview, but you need to present them in a really positive way so they compensate for the experience you are lacking. Key skills to stress are computer knowledge, reporting, customer service and administration

Sell added skills

An added skill is something unique that you can bring to the table, think about your career – what in your experience would add value and cover for your lack of knowledge – could it simply be impressive networking contacts, experience gained with a competitor or a second language

For sure interviewing for a role that is a bit out of reach can be scary but if you are confident and put the effort in you may find you are offered the job

Happy Job Search!