Human Resources Generalist
  • London, United Kingdom
  • April 6, 2024

Skills: Cross-functional Team Leadership; Interpersonal Communication; Business Understanding; Public Speaking; Creative Writing; Talent Management; Cultural Change; Microsoft Suite; Recruiting

I specialise in front end positions, and management of admin tasks in a team-oriented environment. I hold two years of hands on HR experience across all functions as a generalist, and have worked as a swimming teacher, technical staff, and volunteered on an active ecotherapy site.

My goal would be to get my foot in the door with a paying job either based within the functions of HR, corporate receptionist, or around such positions as a 'Medical Records Clerk'. After the success of my friend Bilal through your services, I wanted to give it a shot.

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BSc (Hons) @ Business and Psychology
Aug 2018 — Aug 2022

Activities and societies:
- Captain of the Dungeons and Dragons Society.

Completed courses included:
- The Business Environment.
- Crime and Disorder in Everyday Life.
- Introduction to Developmental and Social Psychology.
- Organisational Behaviour and Management.
- Introduction to Comparative and Cognitive Neuroscience.
- Introduction to Psychological Research, Design and Analysis.
- Creativity in Business.
- Human Resource Management.
- International Business.
- Innovation Management.
- Social Psychology.
- Forensic and Investigative Psychology.


Human Resources Assistant @ Providence Row Housing Association
Jan 2024 — Current

Operating on-site and remotely through a multitude of projects inside their HR department. Alongside admin work, updating current systems appearance and functionality.

- Assisting the intake of residents for volunteering and apprenticeships roles
- Recreating currently operational forms ranging from recruitment to payroll
- Conducting appraisals for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, alongside their workplace environment
- Working on their Grounded Site for environmental urban development

Human Resources Assistant @ ABB
Sep 2020 — Mar 2021

Working within all functions of their global HR team. In addition, was tasked with presenting a review on 2022 Compensation and Short-term Incentives to the European team using global records of current salary ranges.

- Consolidated the currently used Tables of Authority into one database across all hubs using common formatting – this being currently used as the company-wide outline.
- Created a guideline on internal intranet tools and a publishing guide inside ABB, reflecting current offerings for line managers to ensure the uses of relevant materials.
- Formed process maps that give new employees a fluid view of data flow, and categorise audits for archiving.
- Partnered with lead interviewers to record interview dialogue while applying STAR principles and ORCE rating techniques for later analysis.

Human Resources Assistant @ BT
Jul 2019 — Aug 2024

Summer position; supported the Compensation, Benefits, Health, Welfare and Safety department, publishing projects on mental welfare and travel safety. This involved performing data analysis on what area of employees working abroad were creating the largest financial drain.

- Performed data analysis on 2019 C&B within the HWS department before independently presenting to the HRBPs.
- Created a new section within the BT internal portal designed to revitalise travel safety and health reporting systems
- Receiving system of emails with a dedicated section for different stages of request, including the flagging of urgent issues.
- Keeps track of allocated budget, ensuring emergency funds can be provided if needed.
- A system to filter out and flag certain wordings within the local news to directly report alerts to any employees within those foreign locations.

Compensation Benefits Analyst @ KPMG
Jul 2018 — Jul 2018

Summer position; tasked with audit, tax and advisory services within the employee tax department, transitioning into the new quarter. This involves supporting the creation of reports to shareholders, and reviewing expenses that examined the future of work for KPMG.

- Attending and helping prepare a presentation for shareholder reviews on the utility provided by Work From Home programmes.
- Supported internal and external client reviews, modernising past spreadsheets.
- Conducting data analysis on the utility of current auditing programmes.

Lifeguard @ Virgin Active
Aug 2016 — Apr 2018

A trained lifeguard of over three years. Involved in positions requiring direct contact with the public, including the Front of House Staff and Pool Chemical Duties. This assisted in developing communication and people skills, requiring strong customer and public relationship skills in a high-pressure environment.

- Regularly conducted pool tests which involved working alongside heavy machinery
- Planned and ran events for customers involving large inflatables within hectic hours
- Conducted high stress first aid training, with a handful of live experiences

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