Why your CV is being over-looked by employers

Why your CV is being over-looked

Tough crowd those employers aren’t they? It doesn’t matter whether you have 30 years’ experience or none at all, whether your cover letter dazzles with wit and charm or delivers the bog standard spiel, sometimes a job seeker just can’t catch a break. Every single industry is different and even then, every single employer is looking for something different too. In essence you just need to catch the right employer at the right time. Simple!

Ok, we know it’s not that simple but we also know some of the reasons why you just might not be right for some of the roles you’re applying for.

What type of job are you applying for?
With the help of big job boards such as Reed, Indeed and Fish4, it’s so easy to send your CV off here, there and everywhere to anything with a keyword that fits your experience. Just adjust your search settings to the right salary and location and proceed for apply to everything you see! While that certainly gets your CV out to the masses, is that going to aid your prospects? You will have a much more positive experience applying for jobs if you focus your search more acutely. It may mean you aren’t applying for as many jobs on a daily or weekly basis but you are probably much more likely to receive responses from the ones you have applied to because you are more suitable for the roles.

Is your experience relevant?
Ok, so you’ve found a job that you would absolutely love, but you don’t have the required skills – should you apply anyway? There is absolutely no harm in doing so, if you don’t ask, you don’t get after all! But as mentioned earlier, you will have more luck applying for jobs that you are genuinely suitable for. Remember, you aren’t going to be the only person applying for the job and there is almost certainly going to be one or two candidates with more or different experience than you. If you want to be chosen for a job that you have no experience in doing, you are going to need to be one special kind of candidate to achieve an interview! Failing that, be more realistic with your applications.

How do you appear on paper?
It’s an odd question, but the way you manipulate your CV will have a big impact on your chances. For example, if your last 3 positions have lasted less than a year you could look like a job hopper and to any employer you will be a risky candidate, however if you were working within the same Company and happen to have been promoted in quick succession because you are such a fantastic employee – that’s a different story! Without fibbing, put a positive spin on things that may appear less appealing to employers.

Do you have bad social media skills?
It is not uncommon for an employer to check out your Facebook or Twitter before deciding whether to interview you. If your latest status reads ‘I hate my boss, I hate my boss, I hate my boss’ – That’s not going to read very well in the eyes of a professional. These days people are becoming aware of the influence social media can have on their careers, with the likes of LinkedIn growing by the day our online profiles are technically our own personal advertisements. How do you want to be seen to the world?

The trivial things
Sometimes it can be the simplest thing that will ensure your dream job slips through your fingers;
How long is your CV? Is it more than two pages long? Chances are an employer won’t even bother reading past the first page if that first A4 piece of paper doesn’t stand out to them. Make sure your most recent job is at the top of your experience, ensure your CV is clear and concise, check your spelling and grammar and make sure it is presented as smart as you are and please, oh please keep it to the point!
When chasing your application are you bothering the recruitment team? Have you called them every day to ensure they received your application? Are you losing your temper with their evasive attitude? We cannot stress enough how much diva-antics are not and will never be acceptable in the corporate sector. Remain calm, be patient and be polite!

Recruitment isn’t an exact science, there is rarely a standard reason as to why any one person is not being chosen for a job, but if you follow corporate etiquette and remember the basics, there is no reason why you should be unemployed for too long. Let us know how you get on, if any of our tips helped you in your search for work!

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