Why Work Locally?


There are many, many wonderful things about working in Hertfordshire, Middlesex and North West London, here are ten of them

1. We have the best Companies

There are some of the best Companies of all time right here, everyone from Ipsos Mori to Wembley Stadium. If you want a career there are few better places to work.

2. There are so many jobs
There is pretty much every type of job that exists on offer here. There is no limit to what type of career role you can find.

3. The travel isn’t THAT bad
Trains and buses may be sweaty and crammed but they do run all the time, furthermore the roads may be busy but we do have the M25, M1, A40 and the A5.

4. There’s always something happening
These are buzzy areas, there are regular events at Wembley Stadium, the Watford Coliseum, The Palace Theatre and the Watersmeet Theatre.

5. Excellent offices
Alongside some of the best Companies there are also some really state of the art offices in these areas with really first class staff facilities.

6. Some very happy people
There are lots of brilliant people around, for instance there are wonderful buskers in the centre of Harrow who really brighten up your lunch time.

7. Lunch time is fantastic
The food scene is amazing in these areas, lunchtime is now more than a soggy sandwich, whatever you fancy you should be able to get.

8. Smart or casual?
Most Companies have a reasonable dress code, some will be more formal that others, a lot of Companies have “Dress Down Fridays” where you can wear what you want.

9. Late night shopping
Even if you work late, supermarkets are open all-hours and all major Shopping Centres including Watford, Brent Cross, Westfield and the London Designer Outlet at Wembley are open very late.

10. You can get a job doing anything
The area is full of opportunities, if you don’t fancy a “normal” job there are many different roles you can apply for ie: working as a Tour Guide for Warner Brothers at the Harry Potter Studio

So if you fancy a local job – why not send us your CV