Top Mistakes Guaranteed to End an Interview!

Top Mistakes Guaranteed to End an Interview

From inappropriate clothing to chewing gum throughout the meeting, there are just some things a person should not do in an interview but you wouldn’t believe how often they really happen. We get it all the time in our local office but allowances can be made for simple registrations, however we asked some of our top employers who also had some interview faux-pas gems to talk about.

Take for instance the woman who turned up to a top legal firm with her boyfriend on her arm, not only did he ensure she made it into the interview successfully without any major scrapes or injuries, but he stuck around for the duration, sitting in reception patiently waiting for his beloved to complete her meeting. Needless to say the candidate was not invited for a second interview; though we’re sure the couple are still going strong! Taking it a step further, there was a lady who didn’t want her 90 year old grandmother to be seated alone in the reception (because that would be ridiculous) so she asked if the lady might be able to join the interview – the firm politely declined.

Anything other than a corporate, well ironed suit is unacceptable in an interview; this is the only opportunity you will have to really impress a Company so we certainly would never recommend wearing anything else, like say a bright red velour shirt. It happened it definitely happened!!

Interviewing is a difficult process, from worrying about how to answer the questions to portraying the best parts of your personality to the employer, it’s all a bit tricky and nerve wracking but as long as you don’t commit some of these cardinal sins such as answering your phone, inviting your entourage to the interview, dressing like you’re going clubbing or engaging in inappropriate banter with your potential employer, you should find yourself succeeding!

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