Top 5: Things You Should Consider When Being Offered a Job

Top 5 Things to consider when being offered a job

Excellent! You breezed through the CV screening, you waltzed through the interview stage, wowed the employers in your second meeting and you’ve only gone and been offered a job! Brilliant! How exciting!

Ok now we’ve got that over with, let’s get down to business.

Sometimes it’s easy to get swept away by the excitement of a new opportunity, maybe this is your first full-time job or perhaps you’re just so sick of where you currently work that jumping on board with any interviews you were offered seemed like a good idea, well now you’re propositioned with a brand new start and sometimes that can be a little daunting. Whenever our candidates are offered jobs we always recommend they think about the offer over night before immediately accepting, more often than not a new job will make a big impact on not only the individual but their family and their lifestyle so speaking to those important people, mulling over the final decision and really feeling positive about accepting will ensure that you have made the right decision! We’ve compiled five things that you should think about before accepting (or declining) a job offer.

Do you like the Company?

It’s no good working for a Company that pays a little extra every month when you really don’t agree with the way they work. Usually in the first or second interview you will be told about the day to day workings of the firm you might be joining, you’ll be able to gauge by the employer how the ship is run and build your first impressions but you can’t always make a decision based on initial instinct so you have to take into consideration what the Company actually does! Do you care about the sale of medical products? Are you bothered by legal affairs? No one’s asking you to feel a deep and soulful connection to the mission but it would be beneficial.

Will any changes impact your family?

Are the hours any different to what you’re used to working and how will that affect your home life? What about the distance travelling? Will the job require you to bring work home? These are all important questions that you should consider. Discuss them with your partner, parents or anyone who might be directly affected. The truth is if you take a job that requires you to work till after 6 the majority of the week and you’re a parent of young children, will you be able to commit to the job? It’s important to think about your priorities and how you will manage them all.

How will this job affect your career?

Whether you’re wildly ambitious or not doesn’t really matter. Your job or your career are a large part of your past, present and future so it’s a good idea to think about the job with regard to where it will take you. If you have big plans for your career and you know exactly where you want to go then consider how this role will affect the path you’re walking towards.
Is there opportunity for progression? Will you gain the skills you need to move onward and upwards? Has this job got anything to do with your dream?
Equally if you aren’t sure where your career is taking you, if maybe you’re halfway through your working life or even towards the end, will this be the easy, relaxing job you’re looking for? Will it pay enough to live the life you’re accustomed to? Or could it be the start of something new and exciting for you?

Location, Salary, Company Benefits etc. etc.

These are things you should have thought about before and during the interview stages but they should be seriously considered when mulling over the job offer. Are you happy with the journey you’ll have to take? Is the salary what you are happy to live off? When you consider the salary, it isn’t necessarily an opportunity to negotiate a £10,000 pay rise just because you want it – we all want more money! But is the salary realistic for the job you are doing? Is it a step up from your previous job and will you be able to live within your means on the monthly income? Company benefits are an added bonus and you shouldn’t expect them at all, outside of the City Companies are feeling the pinch just as much as you are so unless you are a highly sought after CEO with job offers being thrown at you left, right and center, we would suggest accepting whatever rewards you are given.

Is this what you want?

Ultimately all the above questions boil down to one main consideration. Do you want this job? Why are you leaving your current position? Will everything combined in this role make you happy? Remember, 5 days a week is a lot of time to spend in one place and life is too short to do something you don’t want to do, so even if you aren’t in a position to be picky and even if you don’t have the option to earn higher than the average yearly wage, that doesn’t always mean you have to settle.

Accepting or declining a job offer can have a bigger impact than you might think so we would always recommend taking at least the night to weigh up all your thoughts in order to make the correct decision and then, if you do accept the role you’ll be on your way to a new start and some happy days!