Top 5 Places To Look For A Job

Smiling young manager sitting at his desk

Job hunting can be a long and exhausting process, so knowing exactly where to look for work can really help you out! Below we’ve put together a list of five places you should definitely be looking if you’re currently searching for a new job.

1) Job Sites

Reed, Total Jobs and Indeed are just a few examples of the many job sites that are currently out there, so don’t just pick your fave and stick with it – take advantage and use them all! Different Companies advertise on different sites, so by only checking one you’re limiting your options. Once your details have been set up on a site it is relatively fast to apply for roles, so it’s an excellent way of getting your CV out to lots of Companies in a short period of time.

2) Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies are an excellent way of finding work – yes there will be people telling you you’re wasting your time – but don’t listen to them! Here at BBR we’ve placed thousands of people into work so I can personally guarantee its worth your while! As with the job sites don’t rely on just one, register with any many Agencies as possible and keep in contact with them regularly so they know you’re still available.

3) Friends and Family

‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ – there’s plenty of truth behind this old saying! Connections are extremely valuable so get in touch with your friends and family and ask if there are any vacancies going where they work.

4) Websites

When an organisation has a new vacancy one of the first places they’ll advertise the role is on their corporate website – so always check Company websites. A great way to do this is by creating a list of the web addresses of all the Companies you are interested in working for. You can then go through the list and check each site – you should do this at least once a week as you never know when a new role will pop up!

5) Direct Application

If there is a Company you would really like to work for get in contact with them and send over a copy of your CV. Even if they don’t have any vacancies at the moment they may keep your CV on file in case something comes up in the near future.

Good luck with your job search – and don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help.