Top 5 Cover Letter Mistakes:


A good cover letter is a great way to grab the attention of a potential employer and encourage them to consider you as a serious candidate. Below we have created a list of some of the most common mistakes we see on the cover letters we receive.

1. Don’t recycle the same letter

Don’t make the same mistake I did and send the same cover letter out to about 100 different Companies – trust me it will get you nowhere. A good recruiter can spot a recycled cover letter from a mile away, so it’s really worth spending a little bit of time tailoring each one to match the job you are applying for.

2. Don’t be generic – personalise the letter

You’ll need to personalise each letter for every application you make – and yes that does mean using an actual name! Address it to the recruiter personally – if their name isn’t on the application call up the Company and ask who’s in charge of their recruitment – most Companies will be happy to give away that type of information.

3. Don’t go on and on

It’s important to remember you’re writing a letter, not an autobiography. No one is going to sit and read two pages of you rambling on about why you are perfect for the role. Keep it short and sweet – one side of A4 is more than enough. It’s also important to remember it is a letter – so it should look like one!

4. Don’t bring up anything irrelevant

Your letter as a whole should be informative and to avoid landing in a bin it will need to grab the reader’s attention from the very first line. Explain what job you’re applying for, when you are available and why you are right for the role. It’s also important that you don’t just repeat what you’ve said on your CV word for word.

5. Don’t trust your own spelling

You could have the best cover letter in the world, but if it’s riddled with spelling mistakes the recruiter probably won’t bother reading the CV attached to it. So always, always, always get someone to proof read your letter before you send it! Spellcheck is amazing but it’s not 100% reliable – you’d be amazed by some of the spelling mistakes we see on the CV’s we receive!

If you’re currently searching for work email a copy of your CV to us and we’ll see if we can help you find your new dream job!