Time Management Tips

Time Management

It doesn’t matter whether you’re studying in your final year of University, a full-time parent trying organise your family home or working in the busiest office in town, sometimes your mind just can’t compute everything you need to do. Everyone has the same hours in one day but not everyone has the ability to delegate or juggle time in a busy working environment. We find that some of the following tips help keep us on top of our workload and effectively creates a happier and more productive world to be a part of.

List it, highlight it, cross it off!

Some people use time tables, some people write lists and others colour code their ‘to-dos’ – whatever works for you will ensure you start the day feeling more organised. It can take two minutes to sit at your desk and write down everything you need to do and that satisfying feeling of crossing off each task as the day goes by will really give that sense of achievement!

Get it out of the way!

Did anyone’s mother ever tell them to get their homework over with and out of the way on Friday, that way they have the whole weekend to enjoy? It’s a tip that can certainly carry into an everyday working environment that’s for sure! Once you’ve figured out what you need to do, start with your least favourite jobs, or the biggest! You’ll be getting them over and done with quicker because you’ll be fresh and ready to attack and you’ll feel much better once they’re completed!

Keep a routine!

This isn’t as boring as it sounds, promise! From Monday to Friday you’re a busy person and that doesn’t just count between the usual office hours; there are bills to pay, children to raise and families to spend time with so it’s only natural to feel a little snowed under sometimes. Try giving yourself loose time frames to get things done, this will also help reduce any rushing to get ready for school and work in the mornings and might allow for some relaxation in the evening!

De Clutter!

It’s difficult but a busy desk means a busy life, a busy life means chaos and as exciting as chaos sounds it just doesn’t scream productivity. Remove bits of paper stuck around your computer screen that you never read but find comforting at the sight of, collate any lose sheets of paper that you definitely need but just haven’t a clue where to put – make a folder for ‘miscellaneous’ items or put them in a clear folder and use a notepad rather than scraps of paper to write messages and things you need to remember. You’d be surprised how much calmer you will feel sitting at a clean desk with all your work in its rightful place.

As you can see, these are all fairly simple tips that work in harmony with each other to create harmony in your life. They’re quick and easy to implement and the results are hugely rewarding. Let us know if you have any other tips that could help us keep organised and on top of life!

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