The Benefits Of Temporary Work


Some might say I’m biased (after all I do work in the temporary division) but temping can provide you with a very nice lifestyle.

The upsides are that you can have your cake and eat it too- you can work for an excellent organization, keep your CV up to date and of course have an income coming in whilst still pursuing your own projects/ interviews on the side; with a weeks’ notice being the only level of commitment. It can be a brilliant way of learning more about yourself in terms of what it is you want and what it is you don’t want and one day you might just find ‘the one.’

From my own personal experience of temping, I thought I knew what I wanted; but it turns out everything I thought I wanted I don’t and everything I thought I didn’t want I have ended up loving, life’s a bit funny like that isn’t it?. That’s the exciting thing about temping, the endless possibilities and boundless opportunities. You never know exactly where it can go, but I promise you come into this with an open mind and it can lead to some amazing places and open lots of doors.

That said, in order to temp one does need to be flexible- our most frequently utilized temps are the ones with an “I’d rather work for £8 p/h than not work at all” kind of attitude and inevitably it’s this kind of attitude every organization wants- it’s the flexibility and keenness to work that is so appealing. Here at BBR we are lucky to have a large pool of loyal hard working temps who effortlessly float from one assignment to another and make working on the temp desk a much easier job.

Anyone who shows enthusiasm and eagerness is guaranteed to impress and the more temping you do the more experience you will gain on your CV, as well as building a reputation amongst local employers- many of whom make a note of who impressed and often invite recommended temps back to complete bigger and better roles. So go in with a good attitude and you might just be surprised by the results you get from a temp job. So whilst everyone’s heard of a bad temp experience, please believe me when I say for every one bad temp story there are hundreds of positive stories and experiences.