The Benefits of Temporary Work

Benefits of Temp Work

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unemployed individual in possession of great ambition and potential must be in want of a career! But what if you don’t know exactly what to do? While our economic market certainly seems to be improving, that doesn’t alter the fact that the ratio between jobs and job seekers is still one sided and that inevitably means there is a huge struggle to find employment in any sector, not just the one you want to work in. This is where the wonders of “temping” comes in.

Sure, there are some definite draw-backs to working on a temporary basis; job security, satisfaction and salary can all take a cut but more often than not, the benefits will outweigh the negatives.

If you are a recent graduate looking for some experience then getting temporary work is a great way to gain confidence and build up your skills for the workplace. More often than not you’ll be carrying out general office duties such as filing, typing and answering telephones but while these tasks may seem menial the fact that you’re working in a professional environment will give you the opportunity to learn from those around you and perhaps even show your potential for bigger and better things.

Temporary work is also great if you are in between jobs! Perhaps you’ve been made redundant or a contract has ended before you’ve been able to secure new employment, working as a temporary will ensure you are still earning money while you look for your next opportunity and you will also have the flexibility to attend interviews as and when.

Flexibility is one of the biggest bonus points to doing temporary work. Jobs will vary in duration or you could find yourself in a six week jaunt with the possibility of going permanent! Not only this, but if you are in a long-term temporary position, you still have the flexibility to leave at short notice if you find something more suited to you.

Of course, temping isn’t for everyone – often workers are needed at short notice and a constant change of environment isn’t ideal for individuals looking for job-comfort but on the other hand, if you are a restless spirit who loves to work but is always looking for the next adventure and has the ability to work on a basis that isn’t necessarily secure long-term then considering temporary work could be very beneficial.

Our Temporary Department is always busy with new jobs and opportunities. We cover all office roles from administration through to finance and our Manager is always on the look-out for flexible individuals with excellent communication skills as well as a range of office skills to assist various Companies across the area. Whether you are a recent graduate or just looking for some short-term work we would love to hear from you – send your CV to and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours!