Leap Into The New Year

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Leap into 2018 by getting a new job which will secure your future and build your career. In order to get a job you will need to be successful in an interview, there are several different types of interviews and each will require a positive approach. Let us give you an insight into what you can expect.

Telephone interviews: An initial employer call which eliminates candidates based on a certain criteria, usually this is a test of telephone and communication skills. Successful applicants are usually invited to be interviewed on a one-to-one basis.

Video interview: Whether through Skype, FaceTime or YouTube, this type of interview is increasingly popular for roles in sales, media and marketing. They’ re usually held during the initial screening process and it is usually a test of your communication and interpersonal skills.

One-to-one interviews: This is a face-to-face encounter with an interviewer, after the organisation has studied your CV and decides that you’ve got what they are looking for. They’ re usually formal and require good preparation and research.

Second interviews: Again, these are face to face interviews with either an HR professional or a line Manager. It usually means you have been shortlisted but does not mean you have got the job. These interviews require more research and an even better performance than the first interview.

Panel interviews: These are similar to one-to-one interviews, except two or more people – often from different parts of the organisation – will be assessing you at the same time. These interviews require good preparation and research along with the ability to include everyone in attendance in your answers to questions.

Group interviews: These are where multiple candidates are interviewed together. They’re asked questions in turn or discuss certain topics as a group. Often in a group interview you will be required to complete a group project where you will be assessed on your ability to lead or work with others.

Assessment Centres: Assessment Centre interviews will involve tasks including presentations, written tests, role-play and in-tray exercises. They’re used to assess a candidates performance in a range of situations and last between one and three days. You’ll appear alongside several other candidates and will need to stand out for the right reason.

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