Job Offers Vs. Counter Offers

Job Offer Vs Counter Offer



We’ve seen this many, many times over the years working in recruitment, a client will offer a candidate a job and BOOM! A counter offer is made by the candidate’s current employer – usually more money or a promotion in order to encourage the candidate to stay. The question is should you, the candidate, be flattered or insulted? There are many things to consider in this situation and it all boils down to the reason you are leaving your current employer in the first place and why they are offering you something new now that you’ve handed your notice in. Of course, from our point of view we want all candidates to accept jobs whole-heartedly so it’s always a little disappointing when someone says they’ve been offered something better from their current employer, however we do know how important it is to do what is best for yourself, therefore we always offer some advice and food-for-thought before you spend the next 24 hours thinking about your final decision.

Why are you leaving your current job? Is it to do with travel? How will their offer affect your journey in comparison to your potential opportunity? Is it the job role? If you’ve been ready to move onward and upward for a while now and the new job offer you’ve received will allow you to progress in your career then you have to think about why your current employer is only now realising your worth? They might be offering you a promotion but will that change the way you feel about the Company? Salary, location, atmosphere, progression and most importantly happiness and job satisfaction are all components to consider when juggling between two offers and they are usually all linked together so running a list of pros and cons might be worth trying.

The truth is that a person will very rarely leave a job for just one reason and more often than not that reason won’t disappear just because your current employer is offering you a higher salary or an extra days holiday. Equally, a new job may not be the answer to your dreams but it might be a positive step in the right direction. You can’t progress if you’re stuck in the same place so sometimes it might be worth putting on your grown-up pants and taking a risk.

Whatever your decision, it has to be the right one for you, whether that’s comfort over progression, salary over a great atmosphere or anything else that has your mind in a conflicting mess. Let us know if you’ve ever been in this situation and how you handled it? Any advice you could offer?

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