Interviews can be a jungle, let us help you prepare


Interviews require a great deal of research and planning. Generally, you should do the following when preparing for an interview:

• Read the organisations website, social media profiles and key literature

• Research the news, trends, competitors, history and opportunities in the organisation and its sector

• Review your CV and application form, know what you have submitted to the organisation

• Consider how you’ll explain problematic aspects of your CV such as why you are leaving or left your current / last employer and any gaps in employment

• Fully understand the role that you’re applying for by revising the job description and identifying skills the employer is looking for

• Anticipate potential questions that may be asked at interview and prepare answers accordingly

• Choose the outfit the night before and get plenty of sleep. Plan your journey, aim to arrive ten minutes early. Complete a dry run if possible before the interviews and on the day eat a good healthy breakfast.

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