How to prepare for a job interview

Interview Prep

This blog post goes hand in hand with many of our interview-related posts, however sometimes we need a little extra hand in preparing for the dreaded interview, this post will dig deep into the realms of Interview preparation by discussing four really important elements to preparing for an interview so you have absolutely no fear in walking through the door of your potential new workplace.

The Journey
Test it out! Seriously! Don’t just check the map or find out what bus you need to get. Take the time to go to the building a day or two before in the evening. That way you know exactly how long the journey will take and whether you are likely to come up against any traffic or road works. It will ultimately mean you will arrive to your destination on time and in a calm and relaxed mood as opposed to stressed or anxious, you’ll be able to make small talk as to how easy the journey was and you’ll feel infinitely more ready to take on the interview than you would if you had spent 20 minutes in traffic or turned up 10 minutes late.

Research the Company
We say this all the time because when you’re in the interview the employer is going to want some buttering up, right? The question is HOW do you research?

If you’re lucky enough to have interview with a large and well known Company then research may actually be overwhelming, whereas if the business is a small, local Company it may be difficult to ascertain anything at all. Your mission is to predict these kinds of situations!

A large Company is going to know exactly what information is out there, how well known they are and all the nitty gritty information, so the best thing to do is dig a little deeper than what the front page news is showing to prove that you are really interested in the Company and not just the glamour of a large and high-profile industry.

If you are researching a local Company, use online platforms such as Linked In, Twitter and Facebook so see whether they update information regularly, you are more likely to find things out that way rather than a website. That being said, you can often tell a lot about a Company by their website; is there much information on it? Does it look new or old? These aren’t questions you’ll need to use in your interview, but they will certainly aid your impression of the Company!

Plan your outfit
Ok guys, this might be out of your comfort zone but you can’t get out of it so easily. Do you have a suit in your wardrobe? With a smart tie and a sharp shirt to match? Excellent! Ensure it’s ironed to within an inch of its life and hang it up in an area unlikely to be spoiled. If you don’t own a suit then this could possibly be the one extravagant purchase that you need to make. You might find it hard to justify buying a suit for just an interview but think about the future here. If you get the job, you’ll need that outfit (and several more) on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t get the job then the suit will come in handy for your next interview, a smart event you may be invited or a nice dinner with friends. Everyone should have a smart suit in their wardrobe!

Study your CV and study the job specification
You know your own CV right? You know where your skills lie and what you’ve been doing on a daily basis in your current or past employment. The point is, do you know how relevant your CV is to the job in hand? Do you know why the employer is inviting you to interview? Study both documents and be sure what you can bring to the table in relation to what the employer wants!

We’ve made this easy-to-print prep sheet for you to use before you interview, write out notes and take them along to the interview with you. While it would be unprofessional to whip them out during the meetings, you can always have a quick read over before you enter the building, or perhaps keep it in your pocket for luck!

Interview Prep Print Out

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