How to Impress During a Group Interview


Getting an invite to a group interview can be very nerve-racking, but fear not, they can actually be quite fun! Yes I know what you’re thinking, the word ‘fun’ should never be used to describe a job interview, especially one where you’ll be directly competing against other people. But have a little faith and use the tips below to get a real advantage over the other candidates.

1. Expect the unexpected!
Group interviews can get very random! Forget the usual question and answer set up and think more BBC One The Apprentice! The Interviewers will be aiming to test several aspects of your personality so be prepared for them to throw anything at you!

2. Prepare an ice breaker!
Group Interviews often begin with cheesy icebreakers which will probably remind you of your first day of School. The key here is to share something funny or interesting about yourself that will help you be remembered. This can be hard when you’re put on the spot so prepare answers to potential questions and a short introduction of yourself beforehand.

3. Arrive early & introduce yourself to the other candidates
Like normal interviews you will be judged from the moment you arrive so make sure you get there early! One of the main things the Interviewers will be judging you on is the way you interact with others, so don’t just walk in, take a seat and ignore everyone. Introduce yourself to the other candidates; it’s the perfect chance for you to form a quick bond with them which may work in your favour later on if you are grouped with them during a task.

4. Listen & do not talk over people!
When it comes to group interviews a lot of people feel the need to go in all guns blazing, but trust me, talking constantly will get you noticed but for all the wrong reasons. Give other group members the opportunity to speak and build on what they say by adding your own thoughts.

5. Keep focused on the task
It’s important to remember that the other candidates are not your friends – they’re your competition! So don’t let them distract you and get carried away in conversations about completely irrelevant things. Remember you are there to get a job, not to find your future BFF.

6. Be a good team player!
If you see another candidate struggling with something offer them a helping hand, don’t just sit there celebrating the fact that you are better than them. The Interviewers will be looking for someone who can work effectively in a team, so be supportive and treat everyone with the same amount of respect.

7. Do not stay silent!
Don’t let your nerves hold you back, no matter how shy you are you will need to contribute throughout the interview to stand any chance of being noticed. The Interviewers want to hear your opinions and ideas, so speak up and let them be heard!

Perhaps the most important thing to remember during a group interview is to relax and be yourself! How you differentiate yourself from the others will be the key to whether or not you get the job! So relax, embrace the craziness of the whole situation and who knows, you may even enjoy yourself!