How to get the best out of your Agency


We know the job hunting process can be an emotional roller coaster and at times frustrating and deflating. So when turning to an Agency to act as an extension to your job search, there are a number of different things you can do to really get them on side and get the best out of the Agency at the first meeting.

Okay, so you’ve made it past the first hurdle and have been invited to come in and register with an Agency – great! The candidates who have the greatest success with Agencies are the ones that are receptive, communicative and prepared for interviews – including the first one with us!

The first big slip-up people make is by not preparing for their interview with an Agency; this starts off with doing your research into where they are and ensuring you get yourself there on time and with technological advances like Google maps and TFL updates there’s really no excuse to be late and not know where they are located or if tubes and buses are running.

Another vital part is to go into the Agency presenting yourself professionally. People seem to assume that an interview with an Agency is just a formality; far too often we see candidates arriving in jeans, trainers and un-brushed hair. Let me tell you this is a big mistake because this is probably one of the most important interviews you will ever go to. Your Consultant can present a world of opportunities to you but if you don’t present yourself well to them, what makes you think they will have confidence in presenting you to their clients? Remember in order for a Recruitment Consultant to help you, you need to help yourself first! If you are serious about finding work, then dress the part!

The moment you enter an Agency to undergo an interview you should behave professionally. Treat your interview with the Agency in exactly the same way that you would treat an interview with an employer you have dreamed of working for your whole life. Remember Agencies see a lot of people every single day so make a strong first impression by arriving on time and dressing for the job you want and stand out!

First impressions only go so far however; a few other essentials to get you through your meeting with an Agency are maintaining strong eye contact and engaging with your Consultant during the process! The better rapport you have with your Consultant the more you will impress them. However don’t cross the line between being friendly and a bit too friendly. Remember why you are there and what the goal is; sell sell sell! Your there to sell yourself not to have a moan about your last employer!

When using an Agency, be realistic and open minded so your Consultant does not close opportunities that could be available for you. Remember, you really need to instil confidence in the Consultant so that they are happy to introduce you to their clients, it is all about getting your foot in the door and climbing that career ladder. Keep an open mind and trust your Agency- we know what we are doing and we have your best interest at heart.

If you do these things and take your interview with an Agency seriously then trust me the best Recruitment Agencies out there will recognize and appreciate the effort you are going to and will feel more passionate about your job search and identifying the best opportunities for you! If you put the effort in I can guarantee we certainly will.

Happy searching everyone!