Struggling to get Interviews?

Struggling to get interviews

It is the most frustrating part of the job hunting processes. Despite the dip in the job market, there are still thousands of jobs being advertised online, the problem isn’t applying for those jobs, it’s standing out in a very large crowd and getting that first step in the right direction with an interview!

Truth be told, more often than not the reason you aren’t getting interviews has nothing to do with your skills or lack thereof but rather there simply being other professionals better suited to the jobs! So how do you overcome this issue?

The answer lies in your method of job searching. Of course sometimes needs must and any opportunity will do but that isn’t always going to get you a job either. We often have candidates walk into our office and say ‘I’ll do anything, I just need a job’ – that’s fantastic! It’s great to see enthusiastic people who are willing to work and do whatever it takes to get where they want to go, but unfortunately employers aren’t always looking for someone who will ‘do anything.’

Know your strengths

Do you have truly fantastic customer service skills, where you’ve often been given great feedback on your excellent way of interacting on a regular basis and you feel as though working with people would be the perfect job for you? Use that strength when you are searching for work, find jobs that are looking for an individual who will be required to cold call, account manage, build new client relationships. Equally, if you see jobs that you would love to do but you find that you are lacking a certain skill or characteristic that always seems to be required then this would be a great time to work on that skill, assess your own personal development and amend those ‘lacking traits’, become a work in progress yourself!

Research your targets

The best way to grab an employer’s attention is to show you know exactly who they are and what the Company does. The ratio of jobs to candidates is widely unbalanced and often there are hundreds of applicants to just one job and you can bet your boots that at least half of that number have sent a generic cover letter and have no idea what they are really applying for. Stand out by researching the Company, ensure you really read the job specification, personalise your cover letter and tailor your CV to match the requirements specified.

Independent Agencies are your friends

It’s always better to have someone fighting for your corner right? Unlike job boards that will send your CV off to anything and everything, an agency will have qualified consultants to assess your skills and experience and match those up with their client’s requirements. We have client relationships spanning the Company’s entire existence and we work hard to maintain those relationships which means you can be assured that we are going to want to find the right individual for the jobs we recruit for, therefore if a consultant puts your CV forward for a job, you can guarantee we are bigging you up directly to the employer.

Utilise Social Media

These days’ social media isn’t just an outlet for your thoughts and feelings or a place to share personal pictures with your friends and family, use the internet wisely and you can forge yourself a fantastic career through online networking and personal brand development. Scrap using twitter as a way of moaning about your day and use it to share interesting and relevant articles, post your portfolio and discuss your work with like-minded people.

There’s no secret answer to anything job related, everything changes daily but anyone with the dedication and perseverance to pick themselves up and carry on will succeed eventually!

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