How to: Get an Agency on your side

Get an Agency on your side!

Despite the recession the recruitment industry is booming in the UK and as a job seeker you can have your pick of assistance when looking for that dream career. Signing up to as many agencies as possible will benefit your job search and knowing how each Agency works will benefit how the Recruitment Consultants view you as a candidate. It’s important to remember that as much as we want to help you with your search for work, you have to help yourself too! We’re going to divulge some industry secrets to help you nail those registration processes and really get an Agency behind you.

There are many Agencies that work on a distance-relationship basis. They’ll schedule a call to discuss some details over the telephone and send your CV off to many employers in the hope that you might be suitable for something. This is a fantastic way of getting your CV out into the world easily if you don’t have much time to do any searching for yourself. Other Agencies, including Burton, Bolton & Rose operate on a more personal basis and this may be the same case for many local Recruitment Agencies; we prefer to meet candidates on a face to face basis, it gives us a first-hand impression of your personality, your ambition and your employability and allows us to recommend you to our clients even better than by just looking at your CV. Whatever method an Agency chooses, the goal is always the same, we want to assist you with your job search and provide an efficient and effective service along the way!

The real question is; what if you have registered with an Agency for employment and you aren’t being contacted, what if your CV isn’t being put forward for anything and what if you don’t find the Agency helpful at all? Before you throw in the towel and resign yourself to forever scrolling through pages and pages of job adverts, consider a few of these points, perhaps the Agency isn’t useless after all?

How is your telephone personality?
It seems the art of telephone conversation has been lost somewhere in between texting and face-timing, long gone are the days you would just pick up the phone as it rang – now the minute an unfamiliar number graces a mobile phone screen a sense of apprehension washes over even the most confident individual. Despite the changing times though, business continues and using the telephone is still a requirement for all office roles. Unfortunately Schools don’t seem to teach appropriate skills for office use and therefore we often have one-sided conversations with mumbles of ‘uuhm’ and ‘ah’. To save yourself the embarrassment of sounding as exciting as a wet dish cloth, practice your telephone conversation skills whenever you can. Raise your voice, speak with confidence and engage with the person on the other line – it will give a fantastic impression before you’ve even stepped through the door of the Agency you want to register with.

Mind your manners!
At Burton, Bolton & Rose there is no one we love more than a positive, friendly and confident individual! It makes our job so much easier, gives us real enthusiasm to help that person find the perfect job and above all it makes them look one hundred times better as a candidate!

No one is forcing you to register with an Agency, if you don’t want to just let us know – we’ll be sad but we’ll appreciate your honesty much more than a bad attitude. Remember, we give our clients first-hand feed-back of what kind of person you are and we’ll be assessing you the minute you step through our door – we might have your perfect job in our very hands, do you want it or not?

Engage with us!
Alright, as much as we hate to admit this, Agencies can’t work miracles – sorry, it’s just not in our job description! Agencies are great with people though, they work hard to ensure their clients are getting the employee they need and candidates are finding the job they want. Be honest with us, if something doesn’t feel right to you, tell us! If you absolutely love a job there’s just one tiny detail you’re not sure about, rather than let it eat at you, tell us! Rip that plaster off in one swift motion and get it over with. In return, you’ll find Agencies are far more helpful with your job search by knowing exactly what you want. Agencies appreciate honesty, they don’t appreciate having to tell clients the potential employee whose praises we sung last week is no longer attending their interview because they have a bad case of ‘Chicken!’

Whether you choose to take on the help of one Agency or eight, the quality of your job search will genuinely depend on how well you come across to the Consultants. It takes two to tango as they say and in the dance of recruitment, we find it a much smoother routine when we we’re sashaying along with ambitious, friendly, pleasant and optimistic people!