How to Bounce Back from Rejection!

How to bounce back from rejection

‘Get back on the horse’, ‘Plenty more fish in the sea’, ‘As one door closes…’ Ok, but does another door really open? Because after three unsuccessful interviews even the strongest of individuals may feel a little crack in their confidence, right? It’s tough taking advice from people who just don’t understand how you’re feeling and rejection is a tough pill to swallow whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional. The key to keeping your head high is assessing the damage and letting it strengthen you, rather than allowing it to knock you down. Easier said than done, perhaps but try these tips on for size:

Don’t take it personally

In a job market such as ours, more often than not the reason anyone misses out on a job will simply be because someone else was better suited to the role. No, not better than you, just more suited to the role you applied for. Perhaps you had 5 out of 7 of the skills the employer was looking for while someone else had 6. That doesn’t mean you can’t do your job, it just means someone else suited that particular role more than you and your perfect opportunity is still out there. Business shouldn’t be taken personally!

Ask for feedback

There’s no harm in asking a Company for feedback once you’ve been rejected! You prepared for that interview as well as you could and you have the right to politely ask for constructive criticism. This ties in a little with the above though, so instead of asking why you weren’t suitable for the role, ask how you could improve – was it your interview technique? A certain skill they were looking for? Everything is a learning curve and what better way to bounce back from a disappointing situation than to gain some experience from it?

Assess yourself

Searching for a new job is the perfect time to take a step back and really think about the situation you’re in. Are you being the best you can be? Are you working on your weaknesses and showcasing your strengths? Remember, your personality in an interview is as important as the details on your CV – are you coming off as an enthusiastic candidate with a thirst for knowledge and the dedication to commit to anemployer or are you perhaps getting a little too big for your boots? Self-evaluation is important and a great way to assess whether you are going about things the right way.

Mind – Map

Or write lists, post sticky notes, whatever helps you get your head in the game, regroup and continue your search with no hard feelings against your prior disappointments. Being organised is important when job-hunting and everyone has their own methods so find yours and get creative with your job search!

Replace a negative with a positive

Maybe a huge shopping spree to drown your sorrows is out of the question but a bubble bath or a beer couldn’t hurt. Sometimes you need to take a step away from the exhausting act of organising your career which will have a direct impact on your entire life just to do something to make yourself happy. Spend some time disconnected from the internet and visit with friends or family, go for lunch, to the park or do something you wouldn’t usually do. Whatever it is ensure you return refreshed, positive and ready to own your career!