How to Boost Confidence in an Interview


How confident you come across during an interview can have a massive impact on whether or not you actually get the job! The interviewer needs to believe in you and they definitely won’t do that if you walk in shaking and acting like a bag of nerves! We’ve listed a few tips on what you can do before and during the interview to help you look and feel more confident!

1. Breathe

Before the interview begins pause for moment and do some breathing exercises, yes you’ll feel ridiculous while you’re doing them but they really do work! They’ll focus your mind, eliminate some of those last minute nerves and help you appear calm and collected throughout the interview.

2. Channel your Inner Beyoncé!

One of the best ways to boost your self-esteem and relax your mind is to blast out some of your favourite songs during your journey to the interview. It’s scientifically proven that the songs you listen to can have a direct influence on your mood, so make a playlist of empowering songs that make you feel good about yourself and sing along to all the lyrics!

3. Deliver a Firm Handshake

Your first interaction with the interviewer is the perfect opportunity to show you are comfortable with meeting new people, which is a skill all employers look for. So be the first to extend your hand and deliver a nice firm handshake! This doesn’t mean you need to demonstrate how strong you are by squeezing the life out of the other person’s hand, simply try and match them with an equal amount of firmness.

4. Don’t Fidget

Whether it’s twiddling your thumbs, biting your nails or fiddling with your clothes we all have a ‘thing’ we do when we’re nervous! It’s completely normal but you’ll have to try your best to keep it at bay during the interview. Most of the time you won’t even notice you’re doing it, so be aware of what you’re doing with your body at all times!

5. Power Posture

It’s amazing how something as simple as your posture can have a drastic impact your self-esteem! So stand tall, hold your head up high and you really will feel better about yourself!

6. Don’t Ramble

Most of us, myself included, tend to ramble a lot when we’re nervous! So if you feel yourself going off on one just pause for a moment, collect your thoughts and then carry on. It’s important to take a second to work out what you’re actually trying to say, rather than simply bombarding the interviewer with a load of nonsense. They’ll know straight away that you’re nervous and everything you say will become less credible.

Appearing over-confident is also likely to have a negative effect in an interview, no one likes an arrogant know it all! So you’ll need to get the balance right, and remember, if you’re not a naturally confident person you’ll have to fake it till you make it!