FIVE things a Graduate can learn from working in a corporate environment

Five things a graduate can learn in an office

So you’ve earned your degree and you’re about to embark on a whole new chapter in life, it’s exciting, nerve-wracking and perhaps, sometimes a little disappointing. No matter what subject you graduate in, your first full-time job is almost never what you’re expecting it be. Speaking from experience, graduates tend to leave University with an impression that having spent so many years in education, their dream career is the only logical step to take next. Occasionally, however, life has a habit of grabbing your feet just as you reach cloud 9 and when you’re young and inexperienced the drop to the floor is a little painful. On the upside, gaining experience, learning new skills and absorbing a wealth of knowledge from the people around you is an exciting and humbling experience and spending a year or two…or three in a bustling office is exactly what a lot of people need to set them on the right path.

Accept and embrace your mistakes

Everyone makes them and you can guarantee there are people out there performing the most colossal ‘woopsies’ of the century so consider whatever goes wrong in your hands as an opportunity to learn and grow.

People will have a lot more respect for you if you can apologise for your mistakes and prove that you’ve learnt from them by ensuring repetitions do not occur.

These days’ people turn to the defensive before they can reflect on their actions and that will almost certainly cause a hostile environment – sometimes you just need to swallow your pride and accept you can’t win everything.

Follow instructions and then your initiative.

Do as you’re told.
Gone are the days of independent learning at University or getting away with everything at School, now is the time to knuckle down and follow orders. Sometimes it sucks to be given orders when you’re a grown up but it opens the door to trust and what comes with trust is leniency. If you’re the kind of ambitious individual with ideas and the desire to further yourself, take the time to build the foundation in your work environment and then discuss your thoughts professionally with your seniors. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Stay organised.

When your in-tray is increasing by the hour, you’ve got colleagues to help and tasks to complete staying on top of it all can be stressful. Prioritise your work-load in the morning by assessing each task by importance and use whatever methods you can to keep your mind organised; whether it’s writing a list, separating paper-loads or keeping a mental check-list, If it works for you then embrace it!

Grow a thick skin

We’re not talking about avoiding a moisturiser for a few months either. The corporate sector can be a cut-throat industry and you’re going to have to deal with some of the best and worst people you will ever meet, especially if you have anything to do with customer service! If you’re hot headed individual learn to control the temper, if you are easily upset, learn to let things go. Separating your emotions from the workplace will not only enhance your professional abilities, but it’ll allow you to forget a stressful day a lot easier when the clock strikes 6pm on a Friday afternoon.

Become a sponge

Metaphorically speaking of course, absorb everything you can. Observe the way your colleagues interact with each other, with clients, with visitors and recognise how you can emulate them, listen to your seniors and share experiences with your equals. You can learn something from everyone, even if it’s what NOT to do by the example of a poor mentor.

The corporate office environment is the primary source of BBR’s entire business – not only do we experience it daily ourselves, but we recruit for office’s across Middlesex and North West London. We live, breathe and serve the office (too much?) so trust our recommendations, try each point for a week and see how it changes your experience at work. Let us know how it goes!

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