Five questions to ask if you NEVER want to get a job

5 questions to ask if you never want a job

We’re always telling you to do this, that and the other in your interviews but what if you think of asking a question that you perhaps should not. Definitely, 100% not. These are just some of the questions that we would recommend you give a wide birth to:

I’m looking for a higher salary, can you offer more?
No, they can’t offer you more, sorry. Be realistic, if you’re earning £20,000, you’re unlikely to make a giant leap to £30,000 in one quick job move. Consider the role you’re applying for, the salary you’re on and whatever you do, don’t bring it up in the interview.

What to ask instead? Instead of asking anything to do with salary, make sure you read the job specification before you go to the interview, the highest possible salary available for that role will likely be stated and you should take that as gospel. You could always softly ask something like ‘will there be room for progression over the years with your Company’ – This hints at your willingness to commit and will give you an idea of the likelihood of moving on up.

What does your Company do?
You’re not interviewing them. If you don’t know exactly what the Company does from front to back, you shouldn’t be applying to the job, let alone rocking up to an interview with the Director. It may seem like you’re interested in the Company, but actually you’ll come across as too lazy to even bother to find out about the business.

What to ask instead? Have a look at their website, their blog, their LinkedIn profiles and find some information about a recent project or achievement the Company has made; ‘I see your Company recently achieved ‘X’, how will that improve ‘Y’?

What are the Company Benefits?
Just because company cars and dress-down-Fridays are on your mind, doesn’t mean you should be saying it out loud. The truth about job-perks is that’s exactly what they are – perks and not every Company can afford to or will offer benefits so rather than thinking of them as an entitlement or a deal-breaker, think of them as a pleasant surprise if they happen to cross your path.

What to ask instead? Enquire about the dynamics within the department you are applying to join, you might get a feel for whether there is any camaraderie across the Company. You should be able to understand the culture of the Company you are applying to by the way the interviewer describes everything.

How much holiday will I get?
Just assume it’ll be at least 20 days and leave it at that.
Nope. No ifs, buts or maybes.

What to ask instead? Nothing to do with holiday or sick pay at this stage, just skip right over those thoughts

So, have I got the job?
Occasionally we’ve seen the question ‘how did I do?’ pop up on blogs that recommend you should ask such questions at the interview. We think these questions are a little presumptuous. You put the interviewer in an awkward position expecting them to be able to tell you on the spot and it may sway against you rather than in your favour.

What to ask instead? After thanking the interviewer greatly for their time, it may be useful to enquire about the next step.

Most of these questions seem like common sense but you’d be surprised how many people ignore the advice. Remember you’re acting as a sales person in an interview and you need to sell yourself, not ask what they can do for you.

Other questions to ask if you really don’t want the job include: ‘Mind if my boyfriend sits in the corner?’, ‘I’ll need to leave early on Wednesday’s ok?’, ‘Where will the Christmas party be held?’ and ‘How long will this interview take?’

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