5 Top Tips for Graduates

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Fresh out of University, a 2.1 under your belt and a heart full of dreams and aspirations. Firstly, congratulations on obtaining your degree! Especially during a time when media suggests that University is getting too easy and all student’s do is have copious amounts of fun when actually you have been too poor to do anything because your fees are sky high. People forget to applaud graduates on having spent the majority of their life in education, continuing to absorb everything possible in order to achieve the best out of life. Weekly reading, continual assessments and the absolute independence to get your own work done on time whilst also juggling bills and a part-time job can be a shock to the system, but believe us when we say it is nothing compared to what you are about to experience. Graduates, trainees and first-time job seekers are the future, our economy lies in your hands – no pressure. We have a few simple tips that will really enhance your employability chances in a job market crammed full of qualified candidates.

1. Success is no easy road – work hard, be patient and keep going!

Unfortunately the current graduate generation are joining an incredibly difficult job market, not just for those chasing their dreams but for anyone looking to get any kind of work possible just to put food on the table. It’s tough and the employers are able to be much more picky! It’s easy to forget this when you’re a recent University leaver with big dreams and the determination to succeed – in no way should anyone encourage you to lower those dreams, but remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you have to do a few boring temp jobs for 6 months to build some experience, that doesn’t mean you’ll never be CEO of a Publishing empire, you can do it, it just takes time! Keep your eye on the ball but remain realistic.

2. Feedback is important for progression – don’t be afraid to ask for it!

It’s a great feeling knowing you’ve been selected for ten interviews over the next two weeks but if you enter the third week with no second interview invites or job offers then it’s time to assess your interview techniques. If you go for an interview and were not selected, be humble, be brave and ask for some improvement points. Chances are there was simply someone more suited the job but sometimes an employer may have some advice that you can carry with you to your next interview.

3. It doesn’t matter how qualified you are, if your attitude stinks, you won’t get the job.

It would be wise to remember that there will always be someone out there more qualified, with more experience than you. That isn’t to say that there is no point applying for a job – on the contrary, it gives you the opportunity to prove how good you are! Take every opportunity to impress in an interview; even at the reception desk, you don’t know who the person standing behind the desk is, smile, look smart and be polite! Remove your coat/hat/scarf/snow boots on entering the building and leave any adoring fans (your mum/friend/boyfriend) outside. Thank your interviewer for seeing you and do your best.

4. Mind your Social Media manners!

In a world where almost everything is ruled by the media, take a moment before you post that tweet about how much you hate your current job, your profile might be private, but those five friends who retweeted your post have public profiles! There is nothing to stop an employer researching your social media activities online.

5. You will be closely assessed during the first six months of employment

It was easy to avoid an early lecture or to skip a few seminars a term if you just really did not want to leave your bed on that cold and grey day but employers frown considerably on that horrible old case of “lazyitis”. Power through that cold, dose up that migraine and really show your boss how committed you are! It will improve future possibilities within the Company vastly and show your colleagues what a great team player you are.

These are just a few really simple tips to help with your interview and employability chances, we know you have the world at your feet; we just want to help you get it in your hands! If you’re a recent Graduate and you’re looking for your first big opportunity, send us your CV to jobs@burtonboltonrose.co.uk and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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