4 Great Questions to Ask in an Interview!

Questions to ask in an interviewsmaller

‘Do you have any questions?’

This age old question comes up all the time, whether you’re booking an exciting holiday to the Maldives or sitting in front of the CEO of a huge corporate empire and more often than not it’s taken as a fly-away query. The answer, before you can even consider the question is, no *wide smile*, right?


If you’re in an interview, you’ve spent 20 minutes discussing what experience you can bring to the table from your old job, how you would fit in perfectly in this Company and why you would chop off a finger to work in this building you surely must have something you want to ask the employer? Don’t worry, they love it! It’s all very well listing the obvious skills and qualities that you and every other candidate have, but what will really make you stand out is showing how truly intrigued you are by the business itself.

We’ve compiled some great questions that will give you the opportunity to learn a little about the Company you so desperately want to work at and that WOW the employer at the same time, win/win situation!

1. What is the plan for the Company as whole over the next 5 years?

This is a question that will not only allow the boss to gloat about their ambitions for the Company, but will also hint at your commitment to longevity. Five years is a good number to mention, you don’t have to imply that you intend to be with the business until the bitter end, nor do you need to hastily point out that you have no intention of staying that long, it will just give you an idea of where the Company is heading and how that might affect your job role and essentially your career.

2. What is the team dynamic like here?

Whether you’re talking about the small department in which you’ll be working or the Company as a whole, it’s a good idea to find out what the boss thinks about the group dynamics, or rather, what they will tell you! This is a great question because it will show your interest in fitting in.

3. Will my role have room for progression?

It’s possible a question like this will already have been discussed, but if it hasn’t then this will impress the employer with your ambitious attitude and commitment to success. If you are in search of career progression and then this could be a make or break question too because if all the interviewer can come up with is the potential for new desk space in a year or two, you may want to reconsider your options! This answer should leave you feeling satisfied and excited!

4. Use your research to raise a query about a certain project or direction the Company is taking.

‘I read on your website that you’ve taken on your largest project so far, how will this affect the Company overall?’ or what about ‘I see you are expanding the offices, does that mean you are taking on many more contracts?’ Whatever the question, ensure it means something. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find information on smaller, local businesses via the internet so use your great observation skills and pick up something you’ve noticed during your interview.

Asking questions at an interview is a fantastic way to show the employer that you have been listening and engaging with them and you are interested in the Company. Truth be told, a lot of people ask silly questions, so ensure you keep your enquiries strictly about the Company and the job role and do not ask ‘me, me, me’ questions i.e. about salary, holiday, parking, lunch breaks or Company benefits!

Happy asking!

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