10 Job Seeking Tips No One is Telling You

Job seeking tips

The corporate industry is full of secrets that are largely kept within the tight circle of people at the top. As a Recruitment Agency our existence revolves around putting the right people in touch with each other and forging long lasting working relationships, but sometimes you need to know the tricks of trade to get that extra step ahead of the thousands in your way. Look no further! BBR to the rescue with some cold, hard, facts.

Likeability is the one character trait that will get you a job above experience.

You could be the most talented professional but if you walk into an interview with a wink at the Receptionist or a smug smile slapped across your face, you won’t be hired. People have to spend 40 hours a week with you remember!

If you are a graduate with a five page CV you need to reassess your time management.

Unless you graduated as a mature student, there is absolutely nothing you could write on a CV that would take up five pages. You’ve probably spent a long time writing your CV which means what could have taken you an hour and condensed into a neat one or two pages has taken you forever to write what, exactly?

Careers are a marathon, not a sprint

You know that saying ‘you need to kiss a lot of frogs before your find your prince.’ that’s basically how it works with your career too. Sometimes you have to make coffee’s, file a lot of paperwork and mingle with people you really don’t like in order to climb that steep and unwavering ladder of success.

Agencies do actually know what they’re talking about

You might think you know what looks best on your CV, but let’s be honest – there’s a reason you’ve signed up with an Agency in the first place. Trust the process!

Humble pie is a dish best served regularly

There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance and it turns out that line is an office door frame. Think about which side of revolving door you wish to be on!

Bad mouthing your current or past employers will NEVER get an interviewer on your side

You might think telling a potential employer what a bad team leader your previous boss is will flatter them but be warned, they’re thinking “If you can so casually bad mouth one employer, what will stop you from repeating the situation?” No one likes the two faced monster.

As far as an interviewer is concerned, all you care about is them.

It doesn’t matter what you want to earn, what hours you want to work or what you are accustomed to, when you’re in an interview you need to dig deep down into the dark, dark depths of your pride and really lay it on thick! ‘Who me? Well I’m just interested in providing your Company with the skill set I already have while also learning from the best in the industry! Lovely tie by the way!’ Ok, there’s no need to turn into a grovelling mess but you get the picture.

Brand yourself and sell yourself (figuratively speaking of course)

Essentially, in interviews you are selling yourself to a customer. What can YOU offer them? What perks do you come with that other brands don’t? After all, a business is going to pay a lot of money to have you on their team, are you worth it?

It’s not always who you know, sometimes it’s who they know

Whether you’ve signed up with an Agency or have some friends in the business who are helping you find a job, make sure people want to recommend you to their contacts. Networking is a huge factor in employment in the corporate world.

Don’t believe the advice about following up applications regularly

Do you know what’s really annoying? Receiving 100 + applications for job roles and then having those 100 + applicants follow up the situation every few days. Being a pro-active job seeker is absolutely essential, but hounding employers while they are trying to work is never going to get you the job.

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